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Which Newly Introduced Changes Can Affect Your Bigpond Email Accounts?

Posted by bigpondmailsupport on December 24th, 2019

Have you heard the news or recently got any notification that your Telstra email service is about to change or have already changed?

Some people have witnessed that their email accounts have stopped working suddenly. So, how these changes can affect your Bigpond Email Accounts?

So, what does this change mean?

Well, if you have witnessed any changes to your Telstra email recently, you would need to some setup and modification of settings on your devices. Whereas, the other people who set up the email before 2012, they will have the same old style of email address known as POP in which your Sent mail can only be viewed on the device from which it was sent. 

Generally, the POP email accounts do not allow people to set up any mail folders or mailboxes for filing theiremails, so those who might be thinking that they can arrange their emails on their local devices using cloud server, they won’t be able to do that with the older version of Bigpond Email.

Well, there’s also this good news for those with old-styled Telstra email accounts! As the new email service comes up within IMAP which enables the syncing with the devices.

Means, if a person makes changes to the email at one device, it will reflect in the other devices too.

Like, if you read email in one device, it will be marked as read on another device too. If you erase the email from one device, the email will be deleted from the other device too.

This change is affecting many Bigpond account holders as their email stop working suddenly after the Telstra move them.

When will Telstra Move My Bigpond Email Account? 

You can check out through an official link and confirm when will your Bigpond Email account will move all other emails.

If you find out that your account has been scheduled for the move, you can choose the date according to you and plan the move.

What to Do with Older Version of the Bigpond Email Account?

As the Bigpond has made major changes, you might need to delete your older account and set up the new one with recently introduced features.

However, before you delete your older version, please have an expert assistance.

You can call us on toll-free number 1-800-849-315 and get the guidance you require.

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