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What are the Advantage and Disadvantages of Solar Cells?

Posted by sunnyskysolar on December 25th, 2019

Solar cells are in huge demand in the market nowadays because of the renewable and safe solar energy being generated by them. This solar energy is further used for residential and commercial purposes via the solar panel system in order to produce electricity and do other related stuff.

The solar panel system contains the solar cells which are responsible for harnessing the sun’s energy and further convert it into useful power. The energy generated is much cost-efficient and clean. This is the reason why the government everywhere is now focusing on using solar panel systems in great numbers. Also, people are searching for more and more solar panel installers in Brisbane to get the effective panels installed for the residential as well as commercial purposes.

Let’s take a look at some of the significant advantages of using these solar cells for the daily purpose along with the unforgettable disadvantages:

Advantages of the Solar Cells

Some of the crucial advantages of solar cells are as follows:

  • Cost-friendly energy

You can save huge amounts of your electricity bill with the help of solar cells. Also, there is the option to save the energy and utilize it later as per the need with the help of grid connected to your solar panel system. You can also sell this saved electricity to the electricity network.

  • Renewable energy

With the help of the solar cell, the heat and electricity are generated within the house. The source of this energy is sun so it is quite obvious that it is renewable. The solar cell is able to harness the sun’s energy and further convert into the electricity which is usable.

  • Environment-friendly

There is no sort of pollution that can occur with solar energy. The energy generated via the solar panel system does not release any toxic gases and the waste discharge is very minimal as compared to other energy sources.

  • Never-ending energy

Since the energy generated from the solar cells is harnessed by the sun so the best part is that it is infinite and will never get exhausted. Therefore, this is a completely secure source for the generation of electricity at low costs.

  • Innovative energy

In order to prevent any types of climatic changes, solar energy is considered as one of the best options. There are continuous researches going on in this area to find out its more beneficial uses.

  • Property value increases

If there is a solar power system installed at your home or property, the area gets sold easily and also you get a good selling price for it.

  • One time investment

For getting solar energy, you just need to get the hire the solar panel installer in Brisbane once and get the setup done. After that, there are no further investments to be done and you get solar energy for free.

  • Durable system

The solar power system comes with a long life span and has very high durability. You also get a guarantee of around 20 years on the product.

Disadvantages of the Solar Cells

With so many advantages of the solar cells, there are few advantages as well. Have a look at them below:

  • Area requirements

The solar systems cannot be installed anywhere. In terms of locations, the solar cells are very particular and sensitive. It means that with shade in your property, the installation is not optimum. In that case, the only solution is to you can make a connection with the grid and purchase energy units from other people.

  • Solar energy is seasonal

In comparison to other sources of energy, solar energy can only be generated when the sun’s energy is high. So during times when harnessing the sun’s power is limited, the solar systems might not be able to generate a considerable amount of energy. For this drawback, have the grid solar panel system installations done and purchase units from the electricity network at such times.

  • High first-time investment

Although the solar panel system has to be installed only once but this initial costing is comparatively high. You can opt for bank loans in this case because the government nowadays is promoting more usage of green energy so you will get the loans at low-interest rates.

Based on the above advantages and disadvantages, you can make a wise decision on whether to go for the solar panels and what factors to consider before buying them.

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