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Posted by AngeloEverton on February 20th, 2012

Wondering from where to get engagement photo ideas?  Every couple likes to come up with something unique when it comes to their wedding as well as their engagement.  They do not want to get the same old thing as someone else and usually want to get something that is a bit more modern than a traditional photo.  To come up with engagement picture ideas, take the following hints: 

1.  Think of something that the two of you like and then take the picture around that.  If the two of you have a hobby or common interest, then make it part of your engagement photo ideas.  It is best to have engagement picture ideas that are formed around something over which the two of you have already bonded.  This will make them all yours and all unique. 

2.  Think of a location that means something to the two of you.  While many of the engagement picture ideas show a beach or some other romantic location, perhaps this is not where the two of you met and you want something a bit more unique.  Then, when looking for engagement photo ideas, choose a location that the two of you like, perhaps somewhere that you met. 

3. Use an old photo and make it new.  One unique way to come up with engagement picture ideas is to get them from an online source. Take a look at the old fashioned engagement photo ideas and make them new again. This can be great if you have a photo of your grandparents and want to pose people in the same way.  You can use an old photo and make a new twist on an old tradition by posing along the same type of backdrop or in the same type of manner as you have seen in older photos. 

People get ideas from online sources as well.  Just because you are going online to look at engagement picture ideas does not mean that you are taking your ideas from others.  In fact, this is how the creative process gets going in that those who look at these pictures will generally want to put their own twist on them. If you want to get some pictures for your engagement, and you should as you will want to look at them in years to come, then be sure to come up with something that will be reflective of the two of you as well as the way that the two of you live. The engagement photos will not only have meaning in that they depict the time when you got engaged, but also the time that was special for the two of you, or something that meant something to the two of you.  If you are looking to get engaged and want to take some pictures, take a few moments and think about what you want when it comes to the photos, what will be best about it and how you want yourself depicted.  It also makes sense to go online to get some ideas as well.

If you want to come up with some great engagement picture ideas, be sure to take a look at what they have online. You can find a lot of unique engagement photo ideas when you go to Endless Embrace.

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