7 Best Image Optimization tips for SEO Infographic

Posted by Digital Acharya on December 25th, 2019

Images are the most important component of a webpage. A strong visual image holds the power to attract many viewers and leave an everlasting impression on their minds. As we all know that a picture is better than a thousand words.

Image optimization is an essential part of SEO. You need to optimize your image without compromising in its quality to increase the loading speed of a webpage and to give great user experience.

Digital Acharya is going to share some of the amazing and best Image Optimization tips for SEO. Include these useful tips in your SEO strategy and improve your ranking.

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Best Image Optimization Tips for SEO

Image Optimization Tips

#1 Best Image Optimization tips for SEO

Create Unique Images- A unique image is preferred more by Search Engines. For creating original and effective images you can use tools like Canva, Adobe Photoshop, Pablo, Pixlr, etc.

#2 Best Image Optimization tips for SEO

Use Relevant Images- Your image should be relevant to your website content. Irrelevant images will diminish the quality of your whole website content and may bring down your ranking.

#3 Best Image Optimization tips for SEO

Image Sitemap- You must create and publish image sitemap as it will make easy access and crawling for Search Engines. Install and use the plugin Google XML Sitemap for WordPress site.

#4 Best Image Optimization tips for SEO

Reduce the Size- Images adds around 68% of total page weight. The large size of an image can hamper the speed of a website. Reduce the size or pixel of your image for better user experience

#5 Best Image Optimization tips for SEO

Use or Retain High-Quality Image- compressing your image can lead to a decrease in its quality. There are many online tools which you can use for compressing image without losing much quality like Tinypng, Optimizilla, Kraken.io, CompressNow, GiftOfSpeed, etc.

#6 Best Image Optimization tips for SEO

Use the Right Format- Choose the right format. For website images with colors and shading, WEBP images are considered as the best format as it heavily reduces the size of images without loss, but not all web browsers support WEBP image format right now, thus JPEG format is considered best for all browsers as for now. For transparency and a lot of solid colors, PNG is more suited, PNG is the most desired format. GIF should be used for animations.

# 7 Best Image Optimization tips for SEO

Use ALT Tag- It is important to use the Alt tag for both the purpose of SEO and increasing its accessibility. Incorporate your focus keyword in Image alt tag but do not overstuff it!

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