5 Things To Know About Advertising Your Brand In KSA

Posted by amrina alshaikh on December 25th, 2019

Advertising in a market as large and dense as Riyadh and Jeddah in KSA, is quite an undertaking. Success comes only to those who understand the market composition perfectly, as also by using tools and techniques to address audiences in a fun but humane manner.

Here’s what you need to know about advertising your brand in KSA:

1 The country has some of the highest spending power in GCC.

Saudi Arabia is at the centre of the GCC and is close to the Indian subcontinent. Its strategic location is important for targeted advertising campaigns that cover the Middle East, and which might even branch out into the Indian subcontinent. Moreover, KSA residents have some of the highest disposable incomes. The high spending power, combined with the demand for many new products and services, is a veritable gold mine for advertisers.

2 There are 3 main zones to work with.

The primary market regions in KSA are the Central Region with Riyadh, the Western region with Jeddah at the centre, and the Eastern region, which has a high concentration of oil and gas industries. Knowing the distribution of these zones is important – it helps you understand patterns of sale, end users you need to target, and the location of prominent retail markets. Thus, if you hire an advertising agency in Riyadh to work with the Central zone, then the agency can craft a campaign that includes a good strategy tailored to the end users. PR, marketing and sales efforts can then incorporate distributorships, supply chain management and retailers for the campaign.

3 Direct marketing works, but…

Buyers in KSA are still quite accustomed to buying from their trusted vendors. If your company is a foreign brand looking to make headway in KSA, then you must know that Islamic precepts forbid gender mixing at many stores and public locations. There are limitations on meeting women at home for direct marketing as well. However, it is possible to have direct marketing on satellite TV, with a phone number to process the purchase and arrange for delivery.

4 There are umpteen advertising options!

Apart from advertising in print and booking TV spots, companies are leveraging the other media available to have an advertising blast. There are trade magazines, OOH posters and billboards, mall media, outdoor advertising like posters and boards on highways, etc. Advertising is also being done offline in a major way, with events, sweepstakes and festivals being used as good platforms to get a ready audience.

5 KSA residents are quick to voice their displeasure.

It will not do to roll out an average advertising campaign or a substandard line of products in KSA. Advertising agencies in Riyadh understand that the market is competitive and that consumers are picky about what they consume. Tasteless or exaggerated campaigns are a strict ‘No’, as are campaigns that challenge societal norms and traditions. Consumers who are about to turn into customers are quick to switch to another brand if another one offends their sensibilities.

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