Why choosing a fireproof waterproof safe is so important

Posted by sere on December 25th, 2019

What is a fireproof waterproof safe

Fireproof file safe refers to "paper fireproof file safe". Its international standard stipulates that it is located in a fire scene at 1000 degrees Celsius, and the temperature inside the safe must be kept below 177 degrees Celsius for at least 0.5 hours, so that the paper is not carbonized and the writing is clear Distinguishable.

For fireproof waterproof safe, the size and structural design of the door gap must take into consideration the fire performance, because when a fire occurs, the gap is a channel that can directly contact the fire or high temperature. Now it is better that the fireproof waterproof safe of the brand has the function of waterproofing at the same time as fire prevention, so it is best that its gap is completely closed.

For safes, we recommend Guarda's fireproof waterproof safes. Guarda has a series of excellent fireproof waterproof safes that are very light and provide good protection compared to other brands.

Fireproof and waterproof function of safe is equally important

Today, safes have been used by enterprises and units and have gradually entered the homes of ordinary people. Household safes play an important role in preventing theft and fire and ensuring the safety of public property. The news of frequent fires throughout the country since 12 years has made us sad. For example, two recent fires in Zhejiang: the Hangzhou Xiaoshan Industrial Park and the Wenzhou Leather Factory fire have caused huge losses to the lives and property of the country, units and people. Natural disasters and man-made disasters are hard to predict. However, according to one statistic, more than 90% of the safes in the Chinese safes market do not have fire protection. That is to say, when the fire is approaching, most safes cannot bring sufficient security protection to the valuables, important documents, contract bills, etc. in the safe, especially those bills that need to rely on this to collect debts, etc. Enterprises are even more distressed.

It is understood that in the international market, a good safe must be both anti-theft and fire-proof. It must have an efficient thermal insulation layer and the ability to resist the damage of drilling tools. It can minimize the loss in the event of an accident. .

The same is true for waterproof safes. There is an old saying "water and fire are intolerable", so it is a bit unreasonable to require a safe to be both waterproof and fireproof. It is less likely that these two phenomena will occur at the same time. However, some places are relatively low-lying and easily flooded, which will cause waterproof problems. Of course, the anti-theft performance must be guaranteed, and the premise of a waterproof safe must also be anti-theft, let alone waterproof. Every year during the flood season, there are many types of floods and floods in various parts of China, and the data and property losses caused by them are also large. Of course, it is also possible that the safe was in the water because of a mistake. Seeing theft from time to time and floods coming regularly, a safe that is both anti-theft and waterproof appears to be essential.

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