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USANA Vitamins - USANA Health Sciences Inc. Official Vitamin Products online. USANA is a World Class Multivitamin, Weight Loss & Celavive Skincare Product Company. Probiotic

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USANA Body Rox™

USANA NZ BodyRox™. Teenage years are key to establishing healthy dietary habits that will last for a lifetime and building an optimal nutritional foundation for growth, development and physical maturation.
After USANA Usanimals™?

USANA Body Rox™
The nutritional supplement for young adults for optimal health. Health is a lifelong commitment. Time passes quickly and your children are growing and changing. But something that never changes is their
constant need for proper nutrition. It’s critically important the nutritional needs of the developing and growing bodies of our children are met. Not just adequately, but optimally.

Key Benefits of Body Rox™ include.
• Helps to maintain normal healthy immune function.
• Helps to support normal energy production. Helps to maintain normal healthy carbohydrates, proteins and fat metabolism.
• Helps to maintain normal healthy thyroid hormone level and function.
• Helps to maintain normal healthy eyes, and may provide photoprotection for the eyes.
• Helps maintain normal healthy blood vessels.
• Helps to maintain normal healthy skin.
• Contains Vitamin C that assists the body to form collagen in bones, cartilage, muscle, and blood vessels.
• Facilitates calcium absorption and helps maintain normal healthy bone and skeleton structure, with vitamin D.
• Assist in maintaining normal blood with folic acid
• Contains Vitamin C that aids in the absorption of iron
• Contains Zinc, which is vital for normal growth and development, normal immune function, sexual maturation and reproduction.
• Contains Selenium, which functions as an antioxidant in the body’s antioxidant defence system.
• Contains Chromium which helps in the maintenance of normal healthy glucose metabolism and blood glucose level.

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