How do I contact menards corporate office phone number corporate office?

Posted by Rodney Linn on December 25th, 2019

How to report menard corporate corporate fraud?

Doesmenards headquarters have a menards corporate headquarters?

Where did I go wrong linkedin!

If you think about it, this place is in the middle of a residential area. It would be nice if we could stop by when we're out and about.

As I walked up to the front door, I heard a person talking to someones behind the door.

"Excuse me, I was coming here to get an information about our new employees."

I knew that if I asked them about the company name, it would be hard for them to not give me an answer, but…

"Our new employees?"

"Yes, they just came in today. They're in the office room right now."

"They're working at a menards corporate headquarters?"


The person who answered my question turned to the door and opened it wide, revealing the room's floor plan. It wasn't too far away from the parking lot, and I thought about walking over.

Where is the menards headquarters?

No it just a general warehouse I guess.

Where's the water?

Right back upstairs I should get back to the truck but first I need to clear the area where we got pinned down. We need to head downstairs as soon as we can to avoid more incoming fire.

You mean like up? But where do the stairs go?

Up there was a bunch of fire guys so I think that should help. Oh, and if you head back to the fire trucks just get them down to me. If I start getting out I'm going to get blown up.

Did the other menards guys get down? If so, what happened to those guys?

They took off as quick as they came, man.

You said that the tanks didn't fall?

Ah no they were on the way. They were getting in place, but I can't confirm the amount they were on the way to it.

Where do you find your menards home office?

My home office is really a basement of a house. I live on the lower level of a row house. It's a pretty small space, but once I had my office there it was so nice. It was my own room and it gave me a reason to go out and walk around. I got to see my home, I got to get out of the shower and get dressed sometimes, etc.

What's the best piece of advice you've ever gotten about your work?

My wife came to me and said that I should always put a picture of my kids in the corner of my workspace so that when I'm not with them I can look at them and remember how it feels to be a father and how lucky I am to have them.

What are you doing to make your work more fulfilling?

I try to be as present as possible in my work. Sometimes I'll be in my office with my phone.

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