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Three Ways to Clean and Maintain Your Carpet

Posted by Bexley Carpet Cleaning on December 25th, 2019

Many times, we may find ourselves wanting or needed to clean our carpets. It could be due to years of accumulated wear and tear, or simply because you'd like to maintain the health of your new and shiny carpet! 

There are two options available when it comes to achieving the above, one being hiring professional local carpet cleaners in your area and the second doing it yourself! If you were to go down the second route or simply want to learn more about how professionals go about doing it, you can find the three main types of cleaning detailed below: 

1) Hot Water Extraction

This is also known as steam cleaning and is an efficient way to clean carpets. It requires spraying hot water and chemicals onto carpets, and then vacuuming the water and dirt up. Think of this as a carpet shampoo. This is recommended for families with pets and young children as it decreases allergens and bacteria on the carpet, along with other mites. The fresh feel of the carpet combines with better air quality as the old bacteria is removed form your home.

2) Dry Compound Method

This is a dry carpet treatment, which includes spreading sanitation compounds on your carpet, before brushing it into the fibres to attract dirt and bacteria. The carpet is then vacuumed as the final part of the cleaning process. This is much faster than the steam cleaning, and also leaves no residue on the carpets. It is suitable for carpets which are vulnerable to water or moisture damage.

3) Stain-proofing (using ScotchGuard)

​This is the after-care of carpet cleaning, which keeps stains, liquids, bacteria and dirt away. It also ensures your carpets remain as clean as possible in between your regular professional cleans. This is recommended for areas used more often and more prone to get dirty. 

Having read the above, if you ever find yourself in need of a local carpet cleaning service in Bexley, don't hesitate to contact Bexley carpet cleaning! We can guide you through the above and provide a great service at affordable prices. 

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