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Posted by juliabennet on February 21st, 2012

Most customers these days have one question in their head, when they buy wigs, what are lace wigs UK? They know very less about lace wigs and more often than not would end up questioning the manufacturer the same thing over and over. Hence today we have decided to do a little research for you and bring you the answers you need on wigs UK. Please read on and be well informed for the same, we hope this information helps satisfy all your queries.

Lace wigs UK would appear as if your real hair would be on your head. Such wigs are made customized to suit the measurement of your head, and some of them can be bought from stores online or otherwise as well. It takes around four to seven weeks to make one of these wigs, shipped and received by the end customer. Wigs UK deals with wigs made of the best quality Remy Indian, European and Chinese hair; you have the options to choose. Over here the hair strands would be tied with the help of hands onto the base of the wig which is fragile.

To achieve an afro-American style, the lace wigs UK manufacturers depend on Chinese and Indian hairs, and for the Caucasian look, it would be the European Remy hair to the rescue. But sometimes, even for the European look, manufacturers use Indian Remy hair as well, because of its texture. Experts at wigs UK say that each type of hair has the option of being chemically treated to give it a texture, so that you have the best lace wig doled out to you when you order one.

As stated before, lace wigs UK experts hand ties each strand to the base. The base doesn’t look unnatural since it is flesh tones, giving you an appearance of natural growing hair from the scalp. The knots which are hand tied would undergo a bleaching process to help with hair growth illusion, so that it could blend with your skin tone when you wear the lace wigs. The lace used in the process is very fragile but very durable to withstand rough use. Wigs UK experts say there are many celebrities on television who wear lace wigs; even movie stars don them too.

Some of the popular names in the industry to have lace wigs UK as a part of their trousseau are Tyra Banks, Beyonce, Mary J Blige, Patti LaBelle to name a few. If you watched the movie White Chicks or even Dream Girls, you would have found lace wigs being used, especially in White Chicks where two men wore lace wigs in blonde, say wigs UK experts.

In the medical world, lace wigs UK has helped many patients who suffer from hair loss. Even women in the corporate world, the entertainment world, or college students who want to have a new look for the prom adopt lace wigs. This is the best way to get a new hair done without having to pay for the damages your hair would suffer; lace wigs can do miracles for you, say wigs UK experts.

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