Why Use A Copy First Approach In Web Design?

Posted by Adam Mathews on December 26th, 2019

What is A Copy-first Approach? 

A copy-first approach in web design refers to the way content can be used to create a digital experience for the viewers. It puts content above everything else and focuses on integrating content in the design so that it benefits the client as well as the target audience.

A copy-first approach makes for a better user experience. It also helps the UX/UI designers create better designs for the viewers. Once they know what the site is about, they know how to arrange the different elements so that they are clearly visible to the audience. The entire process involves planning, creating and managing content and involves all the members of a team. When everyone works collaboratively, the project is delivered faster, and its quality is guaranteed. 

Why Is It Important? 

A copy-first approach is essential primarily because of its focus and emphasis on the content used on a site. By content, we mean the text, the media which includes audio, video, images, graphics, social media communication and anything that connects with the people to tell them about the site. People visit certain websites not only because they are visually appealing, but also because they have good content. The two factors are interdependent. If a site is attractive but lacks good content, people will not want to visit it more than once. A copy-first approach, then, connects with the people by telling them a story, and it is this story that builds trust and helps to generate traffic. 

Benefits of Using A Copy-first Approach

A Copy-first approach focuses on putting together all the content at the beginning of the project. It usually involves a content plan to help plan out everything that should be there on the site. By doing so, it helps to create a timeline for the project and gives a brief idea of how much time it should take to complete it. It also helps to create a deadline for the project and ensures that the work happens faster. 

It ensures that there is a readily available sitemap. The sitemap keeps everyone involved in the project and also helps to keep the content organised. If a piece of the content goes missing or requires more work, this sitemap provides quick and easy reference for it. 

It helps to decide on what should be prioritised first. When content is the focus, it is easier to determine what part of it is essential for delivering the brand message. It also helps to declutter the content in the sense that once all the elements of the content are brought together, whatever does not fit the picture can be removed immediately. It also helps to visualise the goals of the company and whether these goals and messages are apparent in the content. 

A copy-first approach also helps web designers plan out their work in a more organised manner. Once they know what text, images or graphics to out on the page they can automatically visualise where each of these elements should be, it also makes it easier for them to make changes to the design as they only have to rearrange whatever is on the page instead of adding to it. At the same time, they do not have to worry about the content and can concentrate on the flow and design alone. 

If the web designers can plan their design before working on your project, it can also help you plan your budget. Many web designers charge based on the number of pages on a site. So if they know how much content they are to put on the site, they can have a precise estimate of how many pages they will need for it and tell you the charge for it. It can also save your business expenses because you have everything planned and you do not need to add things as you go. So when you hire web designers for your website project ask them a question regarding copy first approach in web design. 

A copy-first design is highly beneficial to large projects. It makes the project more manageable by providing an overall strategy for it. Above all, it ultimately helps to create a strategy to market your brand and its products to improve your sales and your business in the long run. 

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