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Posted by john kabir on December 26th, 2019

In the USA there is a compensation for private copying similar to the Italian one, imposed by law since 1992 (by the Digital Home Recording Act ) but has different characters from the Italian one: it is a percentage of 3% imposed only on blank CDs for musical use and on burners CDs (not included in other devices such as PCs). In any case, the proceeds collected (for the authors from the collecting companies seen above) are intended exclusively for Americans entitled.

 Finally, note that American companies do not provide forms of authorship of the work, a protection that is instead carried out by the Washington Copyright Office for a fee. In this regard, the SIAE can be commissioned by Italian authors to deposit their works there. Consider that to collecting societies American cited does not care whether or not there has been a deposit of the works with them or any office of other companies/entities: the collection of proceeds takes place on the basis of the simple identification data of the work itself as declared by the managers. In the case of SIAE members, for example, ASCAP and BMI will collect the proceeds for the use of works that are simply authors of the SIAE (it will be the SIAE itself to provide only the necessary data relating to authors and works).  Masters Degrees in USA

 Finally, we remind you that the synchronization rights, that is to say, the matching of music with moving images, are not generally managed by any collective society (in the USA the Harry Fox Agency has only dealt with it for a certain period) and therefore who should obtaining the necessary authorizations must do so directly from the authors or publishers entitled. The American film producer who wants to use the music of an Italian author registered with SIAE must, in order to be able to combine it with his own film, however, directly contact the person entitled without having to go through the SIAE.

 The latest figures released by SIAE (in the 2006 Music Report ) tell us that remittances from foreign sister companies totaled 29,409,834.36 euros. It should be remembered that the percentages paid by the sister companies of the SIAE must be deducted from the percentages due, for their own management costs, to the foreign companies and to the SIAE (3%), in addition to the tax charges as required by law.

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