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Posted by AngeloEverton on February 22nd, 2012

Although the name "Citrine" is derived from the Latin word "citrina", which means yellow, the actual colour of citrine ranges from shades yellow to various shades of brown. Citrine is a form of quartz but finding natural citrine gemstone is a rarity. Syenthetic or artificial citrine is created by heat treating amethyst. Citrine is one of the most popular stones for casting on gold. Citrine rings complement the colour of gold beautifully and depending on their colour they form excellent partnerships with various colours of gold.

One of the biggest reasons why people prefer buying citrine rings is because of the cost associated with them. The price of gold has now reached indecent proportions and the signs of the price coming down look bleak. If you now need to buy a diamond ring in gold then the price you pay for it is enormous. Hence, buying a citrine gemstone ring makes a lot of sense. You don't lose out on the look of the ring and you pay a much lower price for it.

Gold, as we all know, can be of three different colours. The most common colour of gold is yellow and there is white gold and rose gold too. Jewellers look at the colour of citrine and then choose the colour of gold to cast it in. For example, when the colour of the citrine gemstone is pale yellow in colour, it fits in beautifully with yellow gold. Similarly, when the colour of citrine is violet in colour then white gold forms the ideal base for it. And if the colour of citrine is brown then there is nothing better than rose gold to cast it in. This is how jewellers create these fantastic looking citrine rings.

You may be thinking that this is an unusual stone, the citrine gemstone. Hence, it may make more sense going with some traditional stone jewellery items. But have a look at cirtine rings and you will totally fall in love with them. They are created with utter creativity and passion and it shows when you see the rings.

To check out the best in citrine rings visit some of the jewellery websites. There are some very well known jewellers that create some fantastic looking rings with the citrine gemstone. You may want to have at citrine rings with one large, central stone or you want to see those rings that have multiple small stones or rings where there is one central stone surrounded by multiple small stones. What makes citrine rings look so nice is the colour combination. As mentioned before,the jewellers ensure that they match the citrone gemstone with the colour of gold and that is why they create such superb looking rings.

Find out about the citrine gemstone and have a look at the citrine rings online. Whether you want to buy one of the rings for yourself or want to gift a ring to someone, the impact is awesome. Invest today and you will love yourself for the decision.

A citrine gemstone is mostly a synthetic stone that is created by heat treating amethyst. Citrine rings are fantastic looking and can fascinate anyone.

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