Use reproduction jewellery and flaunt it to make other feel jealous

Posted by AngeloEverton on February 22nd, 2012

Let’s face it – not everyone has the money required to buy top of the shelf designer jewellery. Walk into a designer jewellery store or a designer jewellery website and you will be stunned when you look at the price tag of the items displayed. Does that mean you cannot wear nice jewellery that looks as stunning as designer jewellery? There is no chance of that not happening. When will reproduction jewellery help you then? Reproduction jewellery in the form of antique style rings or some other contemporary rings look so original that no one can tell that they are not the original ones.

Does this mean reproduction jewellery is inferior in quality? No, it is not. Properly designed reproduction jewellery contains gold or sterling silver with different varieties of gemstones. The price tag of these items of jewellery is certainly more than cheap jewellery that you find so commonly. But the price tag of reproduction antique style rings is nothing compared to designer antique style rings.

How is this possible? Well, for starters, you must know that most reproduction jewellery is made with 14 carat or 18 carat gold. When you look at original designer antique style rings you will find 22 carat gold as the main component of the ring. This creates a difference in price. Moreover, designer antique style rings have expensive stones like diamonds, sapphires and emeralds studded on them. But when it comes to reproduction jewellery you find other gemstones like amethyst, aquamarine, citrine and tanzanite. Don’t these stones look good? You bet they do. The violet colour of the amethyst, the azure colour of the aquamarine, the pale yellow to brown colours of the citrine and the blue/violet of the tanzanite look absolutely stunning.

What is the difference between fake jewellery and reproduction jewellery? Well, fake jewellery is what it is, fake. They are straight pick-ups from original designer jewellery. Moreover, most fake jewellery doesn’t contain original gold or sterling silver or even semi precious gemstones. When you look at fake antique style rings you immediately see that it is a fake. But reproduction jewellery is different. Most of the designs are inspired from designer stuff but they are still unique. And you get original gold or silver and semi precious gemstones in them.

Properly done reproduction jewellery looks so genuine that no one can tell that it is reproduction jewellery. Pick up one of the reproduction antique style rings and you will fall in love with its look. Wear it to work and you can rest assured that no one will be able to find any difference. They will all think that you are wearing an original piece of designer jewellery. You may tell your closest friend but maintain the facade in front of the others and you will love the look on their faces.

Reproduction jewellery in the form of antique style rings are available online for you to see and buy. Pick one of them and you will love to show it around.

Want to possess one of the antique style rings but finding the price too prohibitive? Choose from a range of reproduction jewellery and no one can tell the difference.

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