Can You Predict The Future Through Numerology?

Posted by AngeloEverton on February 23rd, 2012

 Numbers and combinations of numbers have symbolic meanings. Numerology studies the significance of these meanings. The year, month and day you were born influences who you are as well as your future. Every number has a vibration. Basic numbers range from one to nine. Every number will reveal a characteristic and provide information about your future. Numerology can help guide you to solve your problems and transform your life.

Astrology and numerology have been associated since ancient times. While numerology has become popular recently it is one of the oldest occult sciences. It believes that nothing is a result of chance. You date of birth and name has vibrations that have a purpose. It is not the purpose of numerology to predict the future. It just provides you with keys to discover your destiny and potential. You can tell the path of your spiritual self through the representations found in your name and birth date. The paths are actually opportunities for your personal growth. The method of communicating with your inner self is through numerology.

You can begin to understand yourself better through numerology. You can discover your weaknesses, strengths and knowing this can help you have a better future. You cosmic name is the name you were given at birth. In it is reflected your goals, lessons, talents, essence, debts and the reason you are here. If you change your name it can detract or enhance your ability to attain the mission of your life but it does not change the factors.

The day you were born is an important indicator, numerically, that provides a sketch of your key characteristics. This day has a strong influence on the productive time of your life. There are three other key numbers in your chart: the Soul Urge, Life Path and Expression. The Soul Urge is determined by totaling the vibrations of the vowels in your name. This will reveal what motivated you in life. The total of the consonants are your Quiet Self and reveal your unique abilities that will help you attain your goals. The total of all vibrations is the Expression. This is what the outside world sees.

The vibrations that are not in your cosmic name are the Karmic Lessons or areas that you need to learn or qualities you need to develop. Numerology uses the predictions based on reincarnation and the belief that you have a choice to allow your soul to re-enter this dimension. Your cosmic name reflects your choices and what you wish to do in the future. Numerology is the belief that what we experience and do in our lives is not by accident but has a purpose. When you have the tools you need which can be provided by understanding the importance in the numbers of your name and birth date you can help make a better future for yourself. There are eight Karmic lessons that are representations of the repetition of a vibration. On an average people have between one and three of these lessons. If you have more than three it is a very difficult future.

Do you want to understand what kind of a future you have. Learn about using numerology. To find out more on your future click on the links.

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