Respecting different cultures is a huge step toward being a global citizen.

Posted by AngeloEverton on February 23rd, 2012

The world is becoming smaller by the day. As the boundaries between countries and even continents are erased, the amalgamation of different cultures increases all the more. This has been caused by the advancements that the planet is undergoing in the realm of technology. Travelling from one part of the world to another is not problematic any longer; the world of the internet has also opened up a wide range of opportunities. The intermingling of different cultures among themselves is a diverse experience altogether. A global citizen, dutifully and willingly, respects other cultures.

The most common place where the conglomeration of all cultures takes place on a large scale is a workplace. Gone are the days when people belonging to only a particular stratum in society worked together, keeping the rest of the world at bay. With the onset of globalization, these demarcations have been forgotten. Nowadays people take a keen interest in knowing about different cultures and inculcating the best practices into one’s own culture. There are many who take this up as a career option and relish the experience of knowing about a wide variety of cultures. This perspective is what a global citizen should accommodate within his self.

An educational institution helps in providing an exclusive experience by bringing together a wide variety of cultures. At the age when young people enroll themselves into a college, they are not really aware of the intricacies of cultural differences. Thus foraying into a multicultural environment makes for a good experience. Different students from different cultures learn about each other and also respect each other’s differences. This prepares them better for facing the world, where there is a larger number of cultures existing together in harmony. The students are also converted into worthy citizens of the world in an era where globalization is the call of the day.

There is nothing better than inculcating the sense of pride in being a global citizen in a small child. For this purpose, the early stages of teaching should begin at home. A child should be encouraged to intermingle with other children of his age irrespective of their cultures. Schools should be comprised of students from different cultures such that a child can grasp the understanding about other cultures from a very young age. The resulting experience is sure to enhance the character of the child and increase his scope for learning. The sense of pride behind being a global citizen in the true sense of the term should increase all the more.

Opening up your mind to the differences will make you a much loved person in society, as well as a worthy global citizen. Mixing freely with people from different cultures can help you grow into a better person as well. Such intermingling also helps people appreciate the culture you yourself belong to. It is every person’s responsibility to induce a feeling of respect for other cultures in order to be called a worthy global citizen.

Bask in the warmth of the experience that presents itself while knowing about different cultures. Ask us for more information regarding the same.

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