New technologies have spread the use of the laser beam in many fields

Posted by John Smith on December 26th, 2019

Large companies with industrial and non-industrial activities use embossing tools for marking, ornamenting or cutting all types of materials. Organic materials, ceramics, glasses, rubbers or metals can be treated with a laser.

You choose your laser source according to the material to be worked, thus the use of Electrical branding iron is more adequate if we want to keep a lasting and indelible imprint. 

There are different types of laser sources (YAG or crystal, fiber, and CO2 or gas. On the market, there are thus various ranges of laser printing)

These are processes that are practiced without contact with the material to be treated. It is quite possible to make markings on an inclined plane as well as in places difficult to access with a mechanical method. 

There is no mechanical effort to exert on the product. We are far from the time when cutting and marking required mechanical machines with moving parts. Nowadays, laser printing machines are used with maximum efficiency and less risk.

The use of a laser allows a high precision during tracing. The finesse of the lines is incomparable. The most famous markings are always white markings and black markings. 

Depending on the materials used, it is possible to make color markings. In the end, the visual rendering is a guaranteed success. Also, the market offers easy-to-use laser machines.

In the context of cutting work, the use of laser offers advantages such as the saving of material, the absence of deformation of the treated product, or even the absence of tools. The use of a laser machine guarantees precision work in a very short time.

In an environment characterized by strong competition, companies are forced to seek perfection. To meet this need, the use of laser engraving ensures high speed and high-quality printing. For equipment producing companies, the laser allows marking of plastic or metal supports.

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