Why Hire Movers For Office Transfers In Dubai? How To Avoid Bad Movers?

Posted by Expert Mover on December 26th, 2019

Moving an office is always a hard time as you need to keep track of everything that is being moved and the items that are dispersed between the two spaces that are targeted for the move. This can be an issue because the environment is perfect for the seamless thefts and petty burglaries. 

The equipment at the very least can be up to hundreds to thousands of Dirhams. It’s better to always be safe than to be sorry because more valuable than the money is the data and information that is vulnerable to thefts. This is why it is best to get Movers in Dubai that can help you move with ease and provide the best transportation for your valuables and furniture.

There are many reasons you should choose the professional services and some of them are explained below:

Fast & Reliable:

Professional movers make the move much faster and easier for the moving party, there is less of a hassle. The fuss of the move can normally end up causing many mishaps, however with professional services, they are liable for any issues and damages, which is much easier.

There are many different companies that provide moving services but it is best to choose the ones that provide contracts so there is responsibility with the service.


The Professional Movers in Dubai are much more meticulous with the services they provide, they make sure that all the things are accounted for and they keep an inventory for all the things that are being moved and the number being moved.

You can keep one list for yourself as you count everything and make the list and one list for them, this makes it easy to keep a track of everything and see if you have everything in the new place that you moved to.


Most legitimate movers have insurance for all the products that they move, they have the responsibility to reimburse you for any item that goes missing and is damaged in the move due to the moving company’s negligence.

This is why it is important for all good moving companies to have insurance. It shows that the company have a backup prepared for any issues that may come along.


What counts most is the Professionalism of the movers in Dubai, if there is no professionalism, it is best that you not hire that company because it is a high-key warning sign.

Unprofessional behaviour translates to a lack of better judgement and issues in the actual move. It can end up with things missing, lack of any back-up for any damages and issues with the timing and management of the services.

This is why Professional movers can make your life move secure and easy, they keep track of everything and make sure that nothing comes out damaged.

With all this reasoning comes the opposite end of the spectrum, if you are hiring a moving company it is important that you hire a proper and professional business instead of a scam as there are many on the market in Dubai as the moment.

How to Avoid Fraud Movers in Dubai?

Well, there are many different ways the fraud companies can take advantage of you through the front of a moving company, one way is grand theft of equipment during the move. Another way a scam company operates by making you believe it is legitimate without having nay registration or permits.

Companies like these are not liable for any damages because they don’t exist. They can just disappear without any trace and they won’t be easy to catch because they don’t actually exist. There are 7 main ways that you can avoid these scam companies and hire actual professionals.

  1. Registration:

Make sure that the company that you are hiring is registered and has a proper address registered in UAE, if there is no evidence of a registered business then you need check another business. There is also another thing you should about, any moving company that is not registered in UAE.

There are many different companies that are registered out of the country and are operating here, most of the times these are good companies but moving companies registered in another country just make them hard to be caught for any crime in UAE.

  1. Informative:

If the company is not properly informed about the services, they provide it should be quite the red alarm that is blaring in your face. The people that are moving your things should know everything they need to move your things, otherwise prepared to have some damaged goods on your hand.

  1. Reviews:

One of the best ways to know if a business is legitimate is by going through the reviews of it online, it will help you understand the type of service and quality of it through other people’s experiences.

  1. Insurance:

All Moving companies need the right type of insurance to provide you with a good backup, the professional liability insurance and worker compensation are a staple for any business that is providing services. These make sure that any injured worker is compensated and any damages can be repaid in full.

  1. Moving system:

Moving System of a moving company should be well-thought-out. They should know what order they are moving the products, how they are moving them and using what they of packaging as well as what vehicle.

  1. Contracts:

Make sure to get a contract and get your contract checked by your lawyers because it is important that there are no loopholes in the contract that allow the company to have an unfair advantage.

  1. No Spur-of-the-moment Tactics:

A Snap tactic or a Spur of the moment tactic is for the companies to charm clients on the spot to sig away the deal for the move, this is so the client has no time to think over the contract. Make sure to avoid a rushed decision when you are hiring movers in Dubai.

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