Understanding the Franking Machine and Its Advantages

Posted by hellensmith on February 25th, 2012

What is a franking machine? It is described as a device which has been designed to print the Royal Mail stamp equivalent on to an envelope or a postcard and is capable of handling many postal items at a stretch. Sending out mail is a traditional form of advertisement or correspondence which companies have been using to create a market for their products. Since this method entails expenditure in terms of stamps and postal fees it can snowball into a major financial burden over a period of time. The only solution which can prevent this from happening advises switching over to franking machines.

A franking machine first came into being as early as 1660 courtesy of some brain storming by the General Post Office and the intention underlying it was to relieve members of British Parliament from their never-ending signing duties. At that time there was a severe restriction on its usage and the manufacture of franking machines was a procedure which did not exceed a certain figure. Although it was limited to a privileged few, it simplified the process to the extent that a politician only had to put his signature in lieu of a stamp to send it on its way.

However, over the years more and more people began to claim their right to use the franking machine as a result of which these became widespread in circulation. Three centuries later, not only were there numerous models of franking machines in the market but these were also technologically more advanced than their predecessors. Because the misuse became as widespread as their utility, soon laws were introduced which allowed every company to possess its own machine. In this way, this device became an integral part of every office wherein mails could be franked in order to save time and money.

In today’s contemporary world of fierce competition, owning a franking machine can accrue a number of advantages. These machines serve as affordable yet effective advertisement tools wherein they can be used for printing the name and logo of the company in an attractive and eye-catching manner. In addition a promotional message pertaining to the brand or business in general can also be added on the envelope. Thus it provides the sheaf of paper with a distinct identity not to mention the invaluable advertising that goes with it. Sometimes franking machines are used for printing return addresses as well.

One of the reasons as to why franking machines have acquired widespread popularity is their economical nature. Apart from freeing the owner from the trouble of purchasing stamps it brings down the total cost by at least 30%. Other advantages are provision of security and possibility of online tracking not to mention the complete absence of upper or lower limits on the volume of mail. Possession of franking machine also entitles the owner to a sizeable postage discount which is calculated on the basis of each item that is posted, meaning the discount is completely free from the frequency of usage.

The current avatar of this device is the digital franking machine which performs many key functions during any normal office day. While its work span encompasses crucial paperwork, sending of invoices and posting information to prospective clients its presence in any office is indicative of keeping up with times. Digital franking machines are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and are suitable for all kinds of functions. Therefore whether it is a sole proprietor or the largest of organizations this machine is a must not just to save cash but also as a method of curbing inaccuracies.

For people who are not yet aware of what a franking machine is, it is time to acquire education pertaining to it. Amongst all office appliances franking machines are the ones which deserve most credit for performing numerous functions as also saving money.

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