Parmesan - the famous Italian Cheese!

Posted by juliabennet on February 27th, 2012

How often have you felt tired to having the same old traditional cheeses with your meals? How often do also long for something different, that touch of extra that has the potential to turn your mundane meal to something extra-ordinary. Premium quality parmesan cheese can be an ideal ingredient that would add can bring that touch of speciality and authenticity to your mundane food menu.

Parmesan is considered as one of most popular and globally accepted jewel of the culinary crown of Italy. Parmesan belongs to the rather broad category of Italian cheeses which is called grana. The name grana can be attributed to the typical grainy texture of these cheeses, a feature that is also very evident in parmesan. These cheeses including the parmesan are manufactured primarily in northern Italy.
The manufacturing process of parmesan is traditional and constitutes of a number of traditional processes. These processes of making parmesan are typical and have been invented and mastered over the generations across Northern Italy. To ensure that the quality of this trademark cheese is never compromised, a cheese can be called parmesan only when it has been produced using the traditional manufacturing techniques.

Parmesan cheese is hard and within Europe it is known to be a protected cheese due to its manufacturing process. The taste is salty and the texture slightly granular, and it is most commonly used as a topping for pizzas and as ingredient in some traditional Italian sauces.

The parmesan cheese is a specialised product of Italy – a tradition that is pride of the locals and recognised by a global audience! Now that you have known much about the tradition, the unique texture and taste and its traditional utilities, you might be interested in laying your hands on some good quality parmesan cheese.

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