Run Down The List Of The Most Stunning Piercing Ideas For Girls!

Posted by Michael Griffin on December 26th, 2019

Almost every youngster these days is willing to get or has already had a piercing and a tattoo. Two of these have turned out to be the biggest trend of the year, especially among the teenagers and those who have just grown into an adult. So much so that you can, without any hustle, get the best deals over the services of tattoo stencils in Denver. 

Exactly the same is the case with piercings. They have not just been a trend but also a choice of fashion, especially among the girls. Regardless of whether you are looking for an ear or nose piercing in Denver, you can look-out for the best services. Well, this is what we are here to serve you with. If you are willing to get a piercing that looks cute but aren’t sure about what it could be, then need not worry as we are here to help you out. We have compiled a complete list of stunning piercing ideas that would definitely enhance your look to the most. Have a look and pick the most suitable idea! 


The helix piercing, known as the cartilage in the past, is no less than a stunning addition to the already pierced earlobes that are simple in terms of elegance. The helix piercing is located at the top curved area of the ear. Also, it comes being an appropriate choice for both, the stud earrings and the hooped ones. This means that you get a complete range of choices to pick from, regardless of the occasion you are getting ready for. Not just this, but you can also look for more ways to beautify their appearance. For instance, you could consider getting two helix, pierced with a little space between them and this way you will serve yourself with two helix spaced apart. 


There would hardly be anyone who would not fall in love with the little yet the most impressive nose studs. This reason is enough in itself to ensure you about getting a nose piercing in Denver. Tragus has always been a remarkable place to get a piercing that can call out for both, stud or the small hoops that can add on to the elegance and spark of your face. Also, they strive to match the standards of every occasion regardless of the dressing style. In other words, at one side when they can add on to the coolness of your western look, at the same time they also have the ability to beautify an ethenic look as well. 


The rook piercing crosses the inner ridges of the ear which in itself turns out to be an even more painful process. The healing for this type of piercing usually takes a little more time than others but once healed, the rook piercing offers a complete range of styles and designs to choose from. More specifically, the double-ended earrings look like the most elegant and safest styles on a rook. They are one of the most beautiful piercing styles you would ever come across. 


This is one of the most adventurous piercing styles ever. As they are located at the center of the face, a Septum requires, what we call as guts to get it done. With modifications in the jewelry industry, a septum is no longer considered to be a stereotypical double-ball ring but is looked up to as an acute and classy place to add fashion. 

Forward Helix

A typical helix, as discussed is made to be along the backside of the top curve of the ear, while on the other hand, a forward helix comes being along the front line of the ear curve. A forward helix is no less than a typical cartilage piercing that might have limited designs and styles but looks extremely cute and elegant without any doubt. You can also look forward to beautifying the look of this piercing if you already have or are willing to get a neck tattoo stencil in Denver

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