Aircraft Oxygen System Market: Share Set For Broad Growth By 2027

Posted by Harshad Borde on December 26th, 2019

Aircraft Oxygen System Market

Variety of aircraft systems serve different purposes in different types of aircrafts and form a crucial part of oxygen supply in civil aviation. Stringent implementation of regulations on emergency or supplementary oxygen supply in the civil aviation industry has been key to the growth prospects in the aircraft oxygen systems market. Advances in oxygen storage solutions is a key factor propelling the expansion of the market. Focus is given on reducing the weight keeping the mind the purpose at hand.

Carry-on portable oxygen for light aircrafts is growing in popularity. Extremely lightweight cylinders is a key factor boosting the market. Advancements in certified testing modules to make aircraft oxygen systems meet the safety requirements have boosted the market. A case in point is the growing application of hydrostatic testing of oxygen cylinders. The aviation industry is aiming at deploying oxygen systems with high serviceability. Growing demands of continuous-flow systems is also opening new avenues for equipment manufacturers.

Advances in materials have enabled manufacturers in the aircraft oxygen systems market to launch better storage systems. Moreover, their main concern in the need for portability. Over the past few years, pilots have been increasingly encouraged to use these systems given the high altitude the passenger aircrafts are flying. Improvements in technologies used in portable oxygen equipment have helped in the growth of the aircraft oxygen systems market. Aircraft oxygen systems need much caution for their safe use. The risk of fire is significant if proper care is not taken. Further, there have been instances of sudden failure of oxygen cylinders due to human negligence, especially by flight crew. All these factors have made the aviation industry be more cautious of the used of aircraft oxygen systems.

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Global Aircraft Oxygen System Market: Overview

Oxygen is generally stored in aircrafts in the form of pressurized gas in one or more oxygen cylinders. Oxygen cylinders are usually stored for the occupants of flight deck, to be used in case of emergency situations. However, in certain types of aircraft oxygen is stored in the form of liquid. It is expected that the global aircraft oxygen system market would make rapid strides along growth trajectory during the period of assessment, from 2019 to 2027. The market is anticipated to rise on the back of rapid growth in the passenger traffic across the globe and availability of smaller, compact parts of aircraft oxygen system.

In a bid to offer a detailed view on the global aircraft oxygen system market, the market has used the parameters of technology, mechanism, component, system, and region for analysis.

Global Aircraft Oxygen System Market: Notable Developments

The following merger disclose of the one of the many developments that have taken place in the global aircraft oxygen system market in the last few years:

  • Safran S.A. agreed to enter into a merger with Zodiac Aerospace in May 2018. Following the merger, services of Zodiac Aerospace in oxygen and fluid systems, fuel, seats, safety equipment, power distribution, and cabin interiors would be integrated into Safran S.A.’s capabilities like avionics, wheels and brakes, landing gear, and actuation. This strategic decision is expected to boost expansion of the aircraft oxygen system worldwide.

Some of the leading market vendors of the global aircraft oxygen system market are as mentioned below:

  • Aviation Oxygen Systems Inc.
  • Zodiac Aerospace ADR
  • Rockwell Collins Inc.
  • B/E Aerospace
  • Adams Rite Aerospace Inc.
  • Diehl Stiftung & Co. KG

Global Aircraft Oxygen System Market: Key Trends

Change is the only constant. The global aircraft oxygen system market is not devoid of constant changes. The market is likely to be shaped by the following drivers, restrains, opportunities during the assessment timeframe.

Rapid Rise in the Number of Passengers Opting Air Travel Bolster Demand in the Market

The global aircraft oxygen system market is likely to be driven by rising air traffic and travel worldwide. According to International Air Transport Association (IATA), following the current trend, it is expected that by the end of 2037 the number of air travel passengers would reach a whopping 8.2 billion. Such a staggering figure of passengers travelling by air would provide nearly 100 million employment opportunities across the globe.

Apart from increased air travel passengers, increasing disposable income is likely to amplify growth opportunities of the global aircraft oxygen system market. With more money to spare, people have the propensity to travel by air to save time and travel in comfort.

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