Azerbaijan Visa for Indians

Posted by Piyush on December 26th, 2019

Azerbaijan Visa for Indians  

The land of fire, Azerbaijan is surely an elegant and inspiring country that is still connected to its roots. An Azerbaijan visa will let the holder sightsee the Yanar Dağ, the fire that has been burning by the Caspian Sea, as well as the medieval walls in Baku, the well-known Caucasian Mountains, and the Shrivanshahs, dated back to the 15th century. Well, tourism is not all you get on an Azerbaijan visa for Indians. There are business opportunities and it also has one of the best work environments.

Requirements for an Azerbaijan Visa for Indians

There are different kinds of Azerbaijan visa requirements that need to be fulfilled. These can be classified as eligibility criteria and required documents. The requirements are as follows:

  • Eligibility Criteria

These are the parameters that are to be met by the applicant in order to apply for this permit. These change as per the type of visa. Some of the common eligibility criteria are listed as follows:

  • For short term permit, bookings of the round trip must be done and should be confirmed.

  • You must be of good character and have genuine intentions behind working in Azerbaijan. If asked, present the respective documentary proof - Police Clearance Certificate (PCC).

  • You must possess or have access to sufficient funds to be able to cover your accommodation and other expenses in Azerbaijan.

  • Bank statement or any equivalent document is to be submitted as proof of sufficient funds.

  • Document Requirements

The required documents to get an Azerbaijan visa for Indians will differ as per the type of the visa. Also, since there are two different procedures that are followed for issuing this visa, the documents can vary as per the procedure that is followed as well. The bifurcated document requirements are given as follows:

  • E-visa requirements

    • Passport is valid for at least 3 months ahead of the date of travel.

    • Recent Photograph.

    • Confirmed flight tickets.

    • Additional documents if asked - hotel/hostel reservation, etc.

  • Stamp visa requirements

    • Passport is valid for at least 3 months ahead of the date of travel.

    • Duly signed the visa application form.

    • Recent Photograph.

    • Cover Letter.

    • Confirmed flight tickets.

    • Proof of purpose of visit - exhibition pass, invitation letter, etc.

    • Proof of sufficient funds - bank statement, etc.

Types of Azerbaijan Visa

The types of a visa for Azerbaijan can be categorized depending on the purpose of the visit, the number of entries permitted the validity of the visa, and also the kind of passport holders to whom it is being issued.

  • As per the type of passport holder

    • Diplomatic Visa
      This is the type of permit that is provided to the foreigners who are visiting Azerbaijan as representatives of India. Normally, the issuance of this permit deals with the officials of the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations hired by the embassy.

    • Service Visa
      This kind of permit is issued for official visits as well. It is acquired by the holders of an official passport. This visit needs to be authorized by the State Agency for Public Service and the Social Innovations officials as well.

    • Ordinary Visa
      This visa is issued for the civilians who are willing to travel to Azerbaijan for short term purposes like tourism, business, or visiting their acquaintances living in Azerbaijan and long term purposes like employment or education.

  • As per the purpose of the visit

    • Tourist Visa
      It is issued when the applicant is planning to travel to Azerbaijan for the purpose of tourism and leisure. The validity of this permit is about 3 months but the stay permitted per visit may differ from case to case.

    • Business Visa
      Whenever a business person needs to carry out business and business-related activities in the country, this type of Azerbaijan business visa requirements is issued for such individuals. The validity of this type is 3 months as well and can be multiple entries or single entry type.

    • Visit Visa
      This permit is quite similar to the tourist type in the case of validity and the permitted stay criteria. The difference is that this visa is issued when the applicant is travelling to visit their friends and family members residing in Azerbaijan.

    • Student Visa
      Whenever a student is looking forward to pursuing a course from Azerbaijan, a student permit is required. The validity will differ as per the period of the course and the applicant must have a confirmed admission in an Azerbaijan institution.

    • Work Visa
      The applicant who has acquired a job in Azerbaijan, this visa is issued to them for them to work in the country. The validity will also differ as per the contract period of employment. Also, it must be a confirmed job and there must relevant documents available for the same.

  • As per the validity

    • Long Term
      This visa or permit is issued for long term purposes such as education or employment. The validity of these permits is generally more than a year and can go up to 5 years or more even. The processing time and the process also are longer for this permit.

    • Short Term
      These types of visas are issued for short term purposes like tourism and business mainly. The validity of these permits is as few as 3 months and goes up to 6 months or less than a year. The processing time for this kind is generally much lesser than the long term type.

  • As per the number of entries

    • Single entry
      It is the type through which only a single entry is permitted. This means once the visa holder has returned from Azerbaijan to their native country, they are not allowed to re-enter.

    • Double entry
      In this type, two entries are allowed. The holder can travel to Azerbaijan and return twice. After this, the holder needs to apply for an extension or a new permit.

    • Multiple entries
      The holder of a multiple entry permit can travel to and return from Azerbaijan multiple times, that is, more than twice on one visa. Generally, the number of entries and exits are not specified. They may be specified in some cases.

There were only a few things about the Azerbaijan visa for Indians. You will need a thorough Azerbaijan visa guide in order to understand the process and other requirements for this permit. The country is wonderful and fascinating and sure it is welcoming to foreigners.

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