Ways to Save Money Buying Blow Up Dolls

Posted by AngeloEverton on February 28th, 2012

There are a number of online stores today which sell blow up dolls. And as a collector of such sex dolls you wouldn’t find it tough to find a doll for your needs. If you are looking to buy a doll for your collectibles or for sexual pleasure, you would be spoilt and pampered for choice. But not most sex doll collectors are aware that they could be cheated if they don’t know the right place to shop from. This is especially when one doesn’t care to check the source they pick up love dolls online from. Today we would like to tell you how you could be saved from all of this deceit and yet have the doll for your pleasure; these are proven ways that could save you money as well.

1. References help- By this we mean when you check for blow up dolls at a vendor or with someone who deals with them, always ask for references of customers they have serviced before you. Get in touch with those customers and ask them if the vendor who sells love dolls is reliable or not?

2. No paying before the delivery, even if the amount is minimal- Many online stores NOT of repute would ask you to pre-pay for blow up dolls deliveries, don’t do that. This is a blunder and the sale is never seen through as you thought it should be. The seller shouldn’t be asking you to pay for anything until you have made all things about the love dolls clear with them. Plus, if you happen to change your mind while paying, the seller should revoke or hold back the payment until your decision is confirmed.

3. Reputed sellers say it all- Yes folks, blow up dolls being sold online by reputed sellers would have all the specific details of the doll given. This is done so that you know what you would get at the end of the sale, nothing short of that. They would also take time to answer all your queries, which is the mark of a true and honest salesman. If you feel or have an iota of doubt on the love dolls seller, look elsewhere.

4. Photos and Pictures of the blow up dolls speaks volumes- This is very true, for you should get what you see and the best way would be to ask them to send you a catalog or a brochure of the dolls for the same. Keep that handy for when you receive your doll, and if it doesn’t match what you saw, you can always challenge the love dolls vendor and ask for a refund.

5. Know your pocket limits- This means your budget line, and don’t be carried away to blow it all on blow up dolls. Do your homework and see which love dolls come in the range you can afford to spend.

6. Record all transactions with the blow up dolls vendor- You never know if you would need it for future reference or not.

We hope now you would have a better idea on how to pick and purchase the right love dolls.

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