Why Spend On Women When You Have Sex Dolls to Play With

Posted by AngeloEverton on February 28th, 2012

 Save your money dude, save it up and get sex dolls to have fun with. You have wanted to do a threesome for a very long time, but your chick isn’t too interested in allowing another “real” woman touch you. This is annoying and your dream has been on the back burner for too long, why, just because she is not comfortable with the idea of having threesome. But what if you had a sex doll for company? You wouldn’t be disappointing your chick, for she isn’t a “real” woman (women actually see each other as threats) and yet you could engage in a threesome, isn’t that great?

Over years the way sex dolls have been made has undergone a massive change. In the past they were made of porcelain or ivory, and today they are made of cyberskin, gel, latex, and even silicone, giving you the right touch and feel when you are with them. The prices on such love dolls vary from one to another. And it depends mostly on the quality of the love doll in use. The cheaper ones around are made of welded vinyl and the costlier sex dolls are made of cyberskin and silicone. You even have modestly priced dolls which can be inflated for use, and you can buy separate vibro massagers for them as well.

The sex dolls which don’t come for cheap have mannequin heads installed on them and made of materials which are supreme and look and feel real to the human touch. Such dolls would have feet and hands which are molded, eyes made of glass and real hair wigs on them as well. The breasts and the buttocks of these dolls would be filled with water, and hence the price of such sex dolls is sky high. You can even customize the dolls features, the clothes and accessories as per your wishes and needs.

Most of the high end sex dolls are made of cyber skin or silicone, which is very close to real skin to touch and feel. This is why most men don’t mind spending a fortune on such dolls, since it gives them an experience which makes matters very personal and satisfying. Such dolls are made or molded using the help of real babes and studs out there; yes you do have male sex dolls as well. Some customers even demand that their dolls have an imprint of their favorite stars faces on them, with body features, genitals, hair do etc everything the same.

Most of the high end and the high mid priced sex dolls wouldn’t be found easily at any common sex shops. You have to check with online reputed sex stores to order for one, but before you do it would be best to get your own research done on the reputation of the manufacturer.  Yes, a sex doll can bring in a lot of excitement and help you with your sex lives as well. All your fantasies and desires would now be fulfilled without you having to hear the word NO.

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