Choosing The Right Swimming Costume for Women

Posted by DanielWatson on December 26th, 2019

The market for a swimming costume for women is huge there is women's one-piece swimsuit, two-piece, women's swimwear full coverage, polyester or polyamide with various back styles; O-shaped, U-shaped, twinback, speedback, sprintback, and many more. Now choosing the right one is quite challenging, fret not, we are here to give some tips on how to choose your swimming swimsuit!

Swimming costume for women’s full body can be chosen as per two criteria; swimming level, support and comfort required for swimming and achieve the best possible fit.

women's one-piece swimsuit

Level Of Swimming

1-Beginner: Beginners swim 1 to 2 strokes and they look for comfort and ease while swimming. U-back women's one-piece swimsuit or two-piece swimsuit would be ideal for them as they are easy to slip on. You can also opt for women's swimwear full coverage if you are conscious or looking for modest clothing, or want to prevent a tan. There are other additional options to wear like skirts, which can cover the bottom, however, a costume covering the hands and shoulder create hindrance with your strokes. 


2-Intermediate: Intermediate swimmers swim 3 to 4 swim strokes and should choose the swimming costume for women, which ensures stability so you can improve your strokes. You can choose Shorty swimming costume that holds on to the thighs and do not move on the body. With racer back top you can support your busts. 


3-Advanced: Being accustomed to water and knowing all the 4 strokes makes you an advanced level swimmer; you swim to perform like to train or to participate in competitions. They should opt for women's one-piece swimsuit that barely covers the body, which ensures better performance, speed, and swimming. V-cut swimming costumes are minimal on the legs and cross back ensures better bust support giving you comfort and ease both. With no sleeves you can perform your stroke with ease.  

Swimmers who have longer body length should opt for swimming costume for women with more open back. As open back shape to your body easily, but if you want more closed back then go for a dress size. 

Swimwear fashion is nowadays more about the back, so make sure to consider how much support you want before deciding which back style and which swimwear style is the right one for you, so you can, on the one hand, look fantastic and, on other, feel comfortable.

Kica Active offers a range of swimming costume for women, where you are sure to find the perfect costume to cater to your swimming needs.

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