Can Silicone Sex Dolls Give You What Your Real Lover Can Give?

Posted by AngeloEverton on February 28th, 2012

This is a question which has no definitive answer and the debate goes on. But everyone does ask this question when they buy silicone sex dolls or plan to buy one. We would say, it all depends upon you, how you would want to use the doll, and to what extent your expectations can be fulfilled using one of these love dolls. When using one of these dolls for your sexual needs, the options don’t cease to exist. You can choose from a various range of life size dolls available, one that would be perfect for your needs. And the range is wide and vast amongst sex dolls to choose from today.

Some prefer choosing silicone sex dolls which imbibe the looks and features of famous celebs, porn stars or someone they are close to. Both men and women have choices of love dolls to choose from, and they all feel real and are fun to have around in the bedroom. The sex toy industry of late has had many requests and orders placed on famous pornstars, which only goes to show that common folks are willing to have one of the sex dolls as a substitute for pleasure, since most of the sexual arousal happens from the minds of the user.

There are even silicone sex dolls for men and women who fulfill fetishes and fantasies. For example, you can order such dolls which impersonate someone’s job, like police officers, career women, French maids, nurses, construction workers, army men etc, the choice is yours. You even have transsexual sex dolls available these days, or even dolls that don’t go size zero on the waist as well, which means if you like big breasted women and want voluptuous dolls for sex, you can easily place an order for one.

The silicone sex dolls are very durable and sturdy, not to forget mentioning very life like as well. They are very hygiene friendly to use and when you touch or feel them, it would be as good as having real flesh in your hands. You can go sturdy and wild with these dolls for as long as you like, coarser too as well and they wouldn’t disappoint you at all. Such sex dolls are best to have when you don’t want to use anyone for real sex, when you don’t want to cheat on your partner or spouse and when you don’t have the time to search for sex out there.

You also have many silicone sex dolls with mouths that stick so that you get the most when it comes to oral sex. Some even have tongues that rotate and vibrate, some with anus holes deep and tight (both for male and female prototypes), and male dolls have strong, thick and large penises to satisfy women or gay men as well. The women sex dolls have firm bosoms and nipples which are upright and tight.  In the end, it is up to you now to decide whether the love dolls can really be a substitute for your lover or not, we say use your imagination!

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