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Posted by AngeloEverton on February 28th, 2012

You don’t need to have a partner while having sex, and we aren’t talking about going solo. With the help of love dolls you can have the perfect earth shaking orgasm or masturbation experience you need. Moreover such dolls are more than just your ordinary sex toy; they are silent sexual mates who do what you want them to do, sans complain. They have real figures, chiseled and toned bodies, sexy lustful looks, everything that makes your manhood throb at the thought of sex. Blow up dolls can cost from as cheap as a few hundred dollars to thousands, it depends on how real you want the dolls to look like.

Ask anyone and they would tell you that love dolls which are full on the face and with vibrating parts for better sexual stimulation and needs would cost you a fortune. Whereas if you have dolls that just inflate and have only the pelvic for sexual needs would cost you much lesser than the full featured dolls! Cheap ones are actually made with the help of heavy latex, welded vinyl or even silicone. But when you touch the bodies of costly blow up dolls you would notice that the skin on them feels real, the face feels soft and nice, there is a metal or PVC based skeleton, and the joints are flexible, not to forget, the body smells good.

Most love dolls today have been made using elastic gel. This gives the doll a huge amount of elasticity, durability and shape as well. The dolls have even a pelvic thruster motor in them, which makes sexual stimulation a reality. Some doll makers have even gone a step further, thy have introduced wireless headphones on the dolls so that you have more exciting times with the blow up dolls. These dolls are making innovative roads in the field of sex and sexual businesses. You would find many customers who want rooms filled with such dolls and there are rentals that allow such desires of customers to be fulfilled.

The craze today is to have love dolls which have imprinted faces of porn stars or even film stars on them. These dolls are in high demand these days across the nation, and the reasons are a plenty for the same. Right from the range of choices you would have on these dolls to choose from, to the modes of being advertised online, blow up dolls are in demand. Even retail outlets too have shown a marked increase in supply of such dolls. Plus, when you have sex with these dolls, you not only get pleasure but morally you aren’t cheating on anyone and hygienically you aren’t afraid of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

So if your soul mate is out on a long trip and you are bored of wanking yourself to sleep every night, and yet don’t want to cheat on her, its best you bring home one of these love dolls. She will keep you company and when need be, you could have your life partner and this doll indulge in a threesome with you. Isn’t the innovative blow up dolls idea a blessing for your solo sexual needs?

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