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Posted by JohnCarpenter on February 28th, 2012

Links, as you may well know, are connectors between websites and web pages. If there were no links, the Internet would not be half as popular and useful as it is today. It is a link that takes you from a search engine to a website. It is a link that takes you from one section of a website to another. Linkbuilding is a concept using which websites are connected to each other in a way that they are able to promote each other. Linkbuilding experts use their experience and networking to ensure that they are able to popularize the websites of their clients.

How does linkbuilding work? Let us say you have a website that sells flowers. To ensure that your website is ranked among the top search results when someone searches for flowers in Google, you can do SEO for your website. One of the strategies in SEO is linkbuilding. When Google searches for all those trusted websites that sell flowers, it looks for those websites that have good references from other websites. Now if you are able to establish a link with some of the most popular flower websites, Google will take it favourably.

Linkbuilding is an analysis that search engine algorithms use to see which websites are the most trusted and popular for particular keywords. If a website has a linkback from Yahoo!, it is considered a trusted website. This is simply because Yahoo! is one of the best known and most popular websites in the world. What Yahoo! is doing here is passing linkjuice to your website. Linkjuice, when it is passed from a more popular website to a less popular website, is considered one of the most important aspects to establish the trustworthiness of the less popular website. This is where a linkbuilding specialist plays an important role. They are able to harness their networking and SEO skills to ensure that linkbacks from important websites established.

Linkbuilding or linkbuilden doesn’t mean that you partner with thousands of websites for backlinks. It is a common concept in the linkbuilding world that quality matters over quantity. You may have hundreds of backlinks from obscure websites but if you have a single backlink from MSN or Yahoo!, the value of the latter is any day better.

Before you start linkbuilding with the help of an expert, there are some considerations to make. It is very important to identify your audience before you start the exercise. If you sell flowers you cannot establish backlinks with an online electronic store. The second consideration is about using the right linkbuilding tools. And of course, it makes sense to use created content on websites like Facebook to add links.

Now all this may sound Greek and Latin to you. But it doesn’t matter because you have your linkbuilding expert to help you out. The best thing to do is to find a trusted linkbuilding partner while you continue doing your business. They will handle your project end to end and make your website rank high in online searches.

Linkbuilding is a service that more and more websites are asking for. Linkbuilding is a concept that uses link relevance to popularize a website.

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