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Mobile advertising is a form of advertising through wireless mobile phonesit’s an important tool in the field of mobile marketing, it’s a large concept of promoting products through internet as it’s capable of reaching far to numerous people easily creating a large platform foradvertising.Ads are bought and sold rapidly where a display of product appears for few seconds with related information, images and tag lines. Mobile advertising is targeted through mobile phones globally earning revenue in billions.

Mobile advertising targets users who downloads apps, games, ringtones or other services through internet as their profiles are identified by the mobile networks and their information is sold to the companies who collects data and displaysadvertisements according to the user’s choice and preferences. The Mobile Marketing Association is nonprofit organization that fosters mobile marketing andadvertising it also regulates terms specifications and best practices, MMA position also oversee global mobile advertisingunits in messaging, applications, video, television and also on the web.


Mobile advertising services are spread through some platforms or apps and these platforms are best known for advertisements as millions of people like this platform all around the world, some of them are mentioned below:

GOOGLE: it is one of the most popular platform of mobile advertising services, in today’s date all phones are born with google  which is preinstalled, google search engine is the most popular tool  and its earning higher revenue from google ads where advertising is  online and large set of people go for google ads.

SOACIL NETWORKING SITES LIKE FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM: now a days Facebookand Instagram is also used as advertisingplatformyoumight have noticed that while watching any video you also follows 10 or 15 seconds advertisement in the middle of it, various ads also keep coming below posts or after reading any story on a particular page you will find some other stories or facts headlines which you are not lookingfor so this is how social media is growing space formobile advertising services.

Snapchat: it also renders services like snapshot ads where one can play its advertisement for any product from cosmetic to apartments.

Why mobile advertising services is a great development?

As of in 2019 digital market has grown successfully bringing major developments in the field of mobile advertising services it has paved the new professional opportunities like digital marketer, social media manager, content developer,  business strategy analyst and many others. People can do this work from their own place they don’t need to leave their city or town for this job. One can start its own business of mobile advertising services as it has become the necessity of the companies to bring their product on board to stay in the market so one has to pipeline the sale for the company for which they need mobile advertising services as people spend 3 to 4 hours of a day on their mobile phones.

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