What causes septic tank problems and how to solve them?

Posted by Tom Allen on December 27th, 2019

You can take care of many things in your home whether it is dusting, regular floor cleaning, watering the plants or cooking. However, septic tank cleaning is not something you can do on your own. But that does not mean you should not take necessary measures to ensure that your septic tank is working in good condition and it is properly maintained. 

Septic Tank Services in St Charles IL offer the critical services of ensuring your septic tank is working properly and correctly so that you do not face any smelly, fatal and hazardous problems and contamination in your house. 

Maintaining septic tank

Septic tank problems normally occur when you are not maintaining it properly. If the septic work is not working properly, then it means it can decrease the property value of your house. a properly functioning septic tank always leaves a positive impact on the home buyers. Though Septic Tank Maintenance might seem like a tough task, however; you just have to arrange the right contractor and pay for it. The professionals will take care of the rest on their own. 

A septic tank should be pumped out after every two to five years depending upon the number of people living in your house, usage of water and age of the septic tank. 

What causes septic problems?

Even after some care and maintenance, there are some factors that are not considered by many homeowners. Many states provide a specific guideline when it comes to septic tanks. Some of these guidelines for Septic Tank Cleaning Services requirement are as under:

1. The visiting guests

Not every guest treats your home like their own. Many believe it to be a hotel and they do not care about small things that should be flushed or not. For example, if a guest accidentally drops a hairclip, hairpin, tissues, handkerchief or any other item in the toilet bowl and then flush it instead of removing it from the bowl, then these small items can clog the drain lines or septic tank. In other cases, more people in the house means more usage of water. Therefore, the septic tank should be cleaned after guests visit your house. Septic Tank Pumping Services can help you get rid of the clogging. 

2. Weather 

Season and weather also affect the septic tank working. In heavy rains, the water saturation starts affecting the septic system. Do not use more than one water-based machine in a single time. For example, do not start the laundry if someone is already using water in the kitchen to wash dishes. 

Solutions for septic repairs

All the issues and problems following after Septic Tank Installation have certain solutions. The septic repairs can get rid of the septic system issues and problems and also help you in taking preventive care of your septic system. 

The easiest solution is to stay proactive and take preventive measures. Do not rush when it comes to septic tanks and septic systems. Some extra steps can help in saving money and keeping your septic tank in good condition. For example, if you accidentally drop something in the toilet bowl then wear a glove and remove it from the bowl instead of flushing it down the drain. 

Similarly, you should also plan out septic inspections for your house and form a schedule. After every 3-5 years, the septic tank will be pumped and cleaned professionally. It will also ensure that your septic tank lasts for a longer period of time. It also means your house will not smell bad at any time. The last thing you need is your house smelling like a septic tank itself. 


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