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Posted by AngeloEverton on March 1st, 2012

 Compression socks are often used by those who are inactive for one reason or another to increase blood circulation in the feet and legs.  There is a risk of blood clots for anyone who is not active, especially among older individuals.  Some might seek out a compression sock when they take a long airplane ride as this can help those who suffer from edema, which is basically swelling of the ankles. 

In most cases, anyone can get compression socks without having to get a prescription from the doctor.  Often, the doctor will tell a patient how to get a compression sock and why it is used and some patients heed the advice as others do not.  Some may feel that they need a prescription to get them and might not know where to find them.  You do not need a prescription from a doctor to use the compression sock, however. Anyone who is bedridden, inactive or immobile and especially older folks who may be traveling for long periods of time can find some help with compression socks that can be purchased from an online outlet. 

An online outlet will have various types of the compression sock. They include a choice in colors as well as styles.  There are stockings for women who want to wear these garments as well as socks that are for both men and women.  Even if a doctor does not tell you to wear a compression sock, you should think about this option if you are not very active. 

Those who notice swelling in their ankles usually do so after they have had a long period of inactivity and then become active. This is known as edema and can be a precursor to blood clots and other medical problems.  Those who want to make sure that they have proper circulation in the body need to look at their feet. If the ankles appear swelled, it can mean that there is not proper blood circulation in the body.  Wearing a compression sock garment can increase the circulation and get it moving throughout the body, including the feet and legs. 

Getting compression socks online makes sense because the online prices are cheaper than those that are found in the store.  In order to get a compression sock, a person does not have to go to a medical supply outlet but can shop at one online. This is not only a cheaper option but also one that does not require a prescription from a doctor in order to fill and has a vast selection.  If you go to a medical supply store to get these types of socks, you will usually have a very limited selection from which to choose and can expect to pay top dollar.  To get them cheaper, it is best to go online to seek them out.  Anyone who has any sort of problem with blood circulation to the feet due to inactivity or even Type II diabetes can benefit from the use of these garments that can be found for less at an online outlet.

If you are looking for a way to avoid blood clots due to inactivity, check out the benefits of a compression sock. To find out more about compression socks, go to Shan Medical.

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