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Bamboo flooring has been and still is finding use as a preferred flooring materi

Posted by saanviarora on December 27th, 2019

The bamboo plant, a member of the grass family and also among the fastest-growing plants in the planet, has some very unique properties which place it the forefront of construction materials.

It is a hollow plant which has some peculiar characteristics, sample this; it is at once a food source in India, has higher compressive strength than wood, brick or concrete and has a tensile strength that beats that magical construction material, steel.

Now, as you might have figured out by far, the fact of the matter is that bamboo flooring is one of the most elegant flooring materials that there is. Thanks not only to all the properties that it possesses as mentioned above but also the fact that it has great aesthetic appeal.

Bamboo flooring has been and still is finding use as a preferred flooring material. Let us explore in-depth some of the factors that make it tick.

Natural - This is a no brainer really as it is made from a plant that is naturally occurring and quite apart from this it is the among the fastest-growing plants on Earth. Some species have been known to grow at a rate of 3 feet a day, which translates to 4 cm per hour. It is eco-friendly, and with sustainable harvesting, it will be with us for a long time into the future.

Strength- As alluded to above it has unmatched tensile strength, thereby making it ideal as a flooring material, it can withstand high stresses which even hardwoods cannot. Therefore, if you opt to choose flooring material produced from this plant, you can be sure that it will continue beyond the lifetime of the home.

Durability- Quite apart from its tensile and compressive strength, it is a durable material which can be made into a variety of shapes without bending and breaking. This means that it can be fashioned into any shape, texture or colour that you desire without losing its unique structural ability. What's more, it can withstand much more strenuous activities than any other Bamboo flooring manufactures in India produce floors that cope with moisture and water much better than wood.

Beauty - Beauty is in the eye of all beholders. It can be delivered in any number of ways and designs customized for your particular needs and wants.

With India's bamboo flooring sustainability to mother nature, this material that is being touted by timber flooring is the best method to go because it can be developed sustainably, and the forest is ready for harvest within a mere three years as compared to decades in the case of hardwoods.

Bamboo flooring cost in India has backing by all forward-looking people, so you can be sure that when you decide to use it in your house, you will be making your small but sure contribution to a greener Earth.

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