Which Are the Best CSS Frameworks for Web Development in 2020?

Posted by Mike on December 27th, 2019

2020 is right upon us. In this fast pacing world of technology, it won’t be surprising for us to see new trends and tools coming in. The field of web development is about to take a new turn. Various new technologies are going to replace the older ones. The majority of Web Developer Dubai are expected to switch to newer and better frameworks for the development of modern and up to date websites.

Among all the frameworks available, CSS frameworks will stay at the top of the list and will be the first choice of web professionals. CSS frameworks are getting more and more advanced with every passing minute. These frameworks are something every web developer should get a hold of. 

If you want to know which CSS frameworks will be the best choice for web developers in 2020, this article is for you. 

The Best CSS Frameworks for Web Development In 2020: 

With CSS frameworks, you don’t have to start from scratch every time to need to develop your website or an application. These frameworks are introduced to make the lives of web developers infinitely easy. You can save a lot of time by reusing as much code as possible if you are working on a similar structure. This way you cut down the time-consuming phase you need to go through before developing a website or mobile application. 

Today, the frameworks from CSS are designed to be sleeker and more responsive than they have ever been. If you want to offer your clients nothing less than the best, you will require the following resources. 

1.     Tailwind CSS: 

If you wish to have more control over the HTML tag in your framework or other elements, Tailwind CSS is the framework for you. Tailwind allows you to skips then hassle of designing a custom website while dodging alerts, buttons, and pre-designed cards. This framework makes web development easy as pie and fun for the developers.

Tailwind is a utility first framework. That means that it has fewer pre-built components as compared to its competitors. Hence, that does mean that it will take you a little longer to develop your website but you will gain more personalization. You can use predefined classes to tweak every element in its style. 

Tailwind is exceptionally customizable. It enables web developers to create bespoke website designs whenever they want. They don’t have to get into the hassle of working around painful to override and opinionated styles. 

2. Bootstrap4: 

Every web developer or anyone who has studied web development must have heard of the word Bootstrap. It is an open-source toolkit and is one of the most popular frameworks there are. Bootstrap 4, however, was launched in 2011. It was finalized in January of 2018 and since then it has reigning supreme. The improved features of this tool include updated print styles, new responsive classes and enhanced Sass customizations. 

This framework is not hard to use even for the beginners. From newbies in web development to professionals, everyone can benefit from this tool’s user-friendly interface and simplicity. It is the ideal framework for those who want to use hands-on practice to hone their craft or simply want to get better at web development. 

You can flex your creative muscles by going through a plethora of tutorials, theme builders, documentations, and third-party plugins to get better at using this framework.

3.     Foundation 6:

One of the greatest strengths of this framework is its versatility. Foundation 6 is semantic and that’s not all. This tool is exceptionally flexible and customizable. It allows web developers to leverage particular frameworks for apps, websites, and beautifully designed emails that look good on all devices. 

This tool is centered upon a mobile-first approach. That means the developer can start from a few simple steps and keep adding complex layers to update the website for larger devices. 


To excel in 2020, a Freelance Web Developer Abu Dhabi needs to stay at the top of the technological advancements and the new tools constantly being introduced in the market. If that’s your goal, start learning how to use some of the above-mentioned CSS frameworks for web development.

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