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Posted by venkatesh on December 27th, 2019

Not only are we the most populous country in the world, but we also have the world’s highest population of people in the age bracket of 5-24 years which means plenty of opportunity in the education sector. The education sector in India was estimated to have touched 1.1 billion in FY19. The explosive growth in this industry has generated several new jobs in the education sector.

Why is everybody focused on the education sector? 

If we look at the statistics, there are over 1.5 million schools, 38,000 colleges, 12,000 standalone institutions, and 750 universities and 300 million students in India. Besides these numbers, there are several other reasons to be associated with this sector right now.

Significant growth — The 0 billion it is valued at is expected to double by 2020. The requirement for teachers and ancillary jobs will rise. 

Diverse job opportunities — It is said that teaching is among the noblest professions. As a result of this boom, it has received a much-needed uplift now. Teachers are being trained on additional subjects like career counselling also. Not just that, because of the introduction of technology in the field of education, freelance teaching, online teaching, HR, finance and several other industries have benefitted.  Among these, career counselling has been the biggest beneficiary. So, there is an increased demand for good, professional career counsellors.

Let’s take a look at some common professions in the education industry thus far and the growth of career counselling in schools. 

Teachers and Coaches:  

Teaching and coaching form the largest chunk of jobs in the education industry- from preschool and primary school to high school and even university. What’s more, with massive investment coming in from the government (close to INR 1 lakh crore), the demand for these professions can shoot up exponentially.  

Moreover, with the rise of online classes and e-learning platforms, the roles and responsibilities of the teachers are changing drastically. Teachers looking to make the most of this should keep abreast of the latest trends. 

Administrative Jobs:

In addition to teaching, there is a lot more that goes into education, especially when it comes to schools. As new private institutions grow, there is also a need for good, well-experienced principals, administrative officers, administrative coordinators, office assistants and the like.

Career Counsellors:

Career counselling is fast emerging as one of the most popular jobs in the education sector in the last couple of years. Considering the growth of higher studies and multiple opportunities, a career counsellor is now really the need of the hour. So, what does a career counsellor do?

Here is a quick list:

  • Uses aptitude and achievement assessments to understand the skills and interests of the student
  • Evaluates the abilities and real skills of the student.
  • Studies the student’s background and education
  • Creates a career roadmap based on the student’s core skills and the market demand
  • Offers required training to help the student bridge any gap between his/her core skills and market demand
  • Keeps track of the student’s achievements and progress and helps them overcome the unforeseen challenges

The demand for career counselling has been on the rise due to several reasons- multiple new careers opening up, students being more aware of their options but confused, parents being open to trying new paths, and the lack of job opportunities in traditional industries. In addition, there are some more reasons why one could consider career counselling as a profession. 

Stability: As an employed career counselor, your role is well-defined, activities are streamlined with little or no overtime. Some career counsellors have known to report higher levels of job satisfaction also.

Personal fulfillment: Jobs in the education sector, in general, are considered noble as they help mold young minds. This feeling of service is even more elevated with career counselors. They work closely in understanding child psychology, desires and help achieve dreams.   

Lucrative: Since the introduction of mandatory career counselling in all CBSE schools, several schools have been looking into hiring career counsellors with a background in child psychology. Many premier schools also pay very well and provide several other perks and benefits to their counselling staff.   

So, you want to be a career counsellor but don’t know where to begin? There are two pathways you could take. 

The traditional pathway 

Here is where you start by completing a Bachelor’s degree in behavioral or related sciences and topping that up with a Master’s degree in counselling, after which, you take some more steps to earn your license to practice. After you have earned your certification and license, you can start practicing.  

The Global Career Counsellor pathway 

Let’s say you’re genuinely interested in career counselling but haven’t had the necessary education to support a career in it. Fret not, you can do the Global Career Counsellor certification program and start practising anywhere in the world. It is Asia’s first career counselling program in partnership with UCLA Extension. 

Embrace the entrepreneur in you 

Most career counsellors love what they do. And when you love what you do, the possibilities are endless. Once you are a certified GCC counsellor, you can also do the Super Counsellor program and start off on your own. Imagine establishing your own career counselling service with a complete office setup and the like! Univariety’s Super Counsellor program enables you with a readymade platform to become an entrepreneur and run your own show. 

So, whether you’re counselling students or training others to do the same, you can continue to add value and happiness in the lives of others! 

Take control of your career, become a Global Career Counsellor today! 

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