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5 Best Sleep Apps for iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch in 2019

Posted by repairmyphone on December 27th, 2019

In this current generation technology is playing a major role in health and medical science. Technology saves millions of lives every day in one or the other way. Technology is a boon as well as a curse in the present era. Everybody works hard to survive in this hustle-bustle world, we almost have turned to machines. It is hard at times to get enough sleep due to stress & various other reasons. The better way of giving rest to your body is taking healthy naps. It is hard to keep track of your sleep when you are busy running around. iPhone sleep monitor apps or sleep tracker apps are created exclusively for tracking your sleep. Here are some best sleep apps for iPhone with Apple Watch that will help you for sure.

#1 Sleep++

This app uses Apple watch for its motion and health tracking abilities. It can even measure the duration and quality of the sleep.

It is known that the better you sleep, the healthier your health will be. This is why it is very important to keep track of your sleep so you have et some knowledge and report of your sleep period. Sleeping too much can be worse than sleeping too little. So it is good to monitor your sleep and work positively on it because there is nothing more worth on this earth than once good health.


  • This app is designed for both automatic and manual mode for tracking your sleep flexibly.
  • Sleep++ combines a secure and private way to share your sleep chart report.
  • Features such as adding sleep analysis into your health database are also available.

#2 Pillow

This app is an excellent iPhone sleep monitor app that easily tracks your sleep routine. It delivers a complete package of benefits and knowledge of a good healthy sleep. Pillow app has been added to the list of best health and fitness apps. One can effortlessly track their sleep using Apple watch & can also see the report on the watch with their heart rate analysis.


  • This app supports Apple watch and is easier to use as an interface.
  • Pillow app will automatically add and update your sleep duration and quality to Apple's Health app after every sleep you have had.
  • This app uses an advanced sleep analysis algorithm to produce an actual report of your sleep.
  • Get descriptive sleep stage diagram and session statistics.
  • This app records sound with the aid of a smart audio algorithm that discards other noises.
  • Option such as Backup of your data on iCloud safely is also available.

#3 AutoSleep

This app is a unique iPhone sleep monitoring app that automatically tracks the time and quality of your sleep using your Apple watch. It is not compulsory to wear Apple watch and go to bed, the app tracks your sleep even without it by sending a notification to your iPhone every day in the morning. This app has a simple and smart wizard that twitches in case you are a restless sleeper.


  • The first widget monitors your heart rate while you are asleep 
  • The second one monitors the time you took to fall asleep 
  • While you wear the watch to bed, this app will analyze the quality of your sleep and provides you with a detailed analysis of your sleep.
  • This app will automatically update your sleep reports to Apple Health App.

#4 HeartWatch

This app is designed smartly to sync with the Apple Watch by experts who understood Apple iPhone and Apple watch technologies well. The Apple Watch is a modern iPhone sleep tracking tool that captures your heart rate during the day. Users can observe their heart report using four activities that are walking, normal routine, workout sessions, sleeping time. With this app, you will be able to monitor your heart rate during all these routine life activities effectively.


  • This application is faster and easier to use with the advanced features such as automatic sync with Apple watch.
  • You can observe and go through the irregularities of your heart rate and check the lowest and highest points of the day.
  • There is a Health kit that notes your activities of the day and monitors your sleep accurately.
  • Any time when the application observes irregularities in your condition, it will immediately notify and send a reminder to your iPhone.

#5 Beddit

The Beddit app is an automatic and ambient iPhone sleep monitoring app which monitors your sleep, heart rate, respiration, snoring and bedroom temperature and humidity. It is specially created to solve sleep problems & not just for tracking your nap.


  • This app gives you detailed reasons that will help you to get a good quality of sleep at night.
  • This application allows you to connect with expert physicians to assist you with your sleep problems
  • This app has a digital crown feature that helps the user to get a sleep score for every night.

 There are plenty of apps at the Apple store for tracking your sleep, apart from the special mentions above are the top-rated iPhone sleep monitoring app. These are the best sleep apps for iPhone in the Apple store and have emerged as the best through the years.If you found any issue in installation of these apps in your iphone then you can also consult iphone repair oxford for helping you in this.

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