Is panda antivirus good enough for Windows 10?

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There are many users of Windows 10 who believe that windows defender alone can withstand the attacks of e-threats. But with the globalization of the internet, the extensive malware components are also increasing on the wide-spreading platform of the internet. The e-threats are becoming even stronger as the privileges of technological advancements are equally taken by mastermind cyber criminals along with the general people as well. A basic AV software like windows defender might have the baseline ability to fight against normal e-threats, but when it comes to advance malware components like ransomware, spyware, adware, rootkits, and keyloggers, a device needs special safety catch. Based on Big Data and artificial intelligence, Panda Free Antivirus is one of the most celebrated AV applications that promise to offer robust protection against each kind of malware attack along with effective internet protection. 

Free Panda Antivirus not only compatible with Windows 10 but it is also congenial with other versions of Windows operating systems. The program completely adapts the simultaneous actions of the windows defender while executing its individual duty of protection. Panda Free Antivirus is designed with a user-friendly interface so that users can use the program with less difficulty even if they not skilled professionals with a great interest in technology. This featherlight application occupies a very little size in the system storage and during its protection course, it also keeps the device frequently optimized to avoid inconveniences like lagging ups or heating issues due to heavy usage. 

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The protection offered by Panda Free Antivirus not only includes malware protection but other important concerns like internet protection, browser protection, external protection, guardian protection, and network protection. Specially speaking,  Panda Antivirus Free Edition comes with these following features- 

  • Real-time Malware Protection

Panda Antivirus Free features a powerful scan engine that regulates on-demand, boot-time, and scheduled scanning that analyzes every potential threat that can harm the user data, privacy and the system itself. If it detects anything to be suspicious it sends instant alerts to the users to take security measures. 

  • Behavioral Analysis:

Another reason that can advocate Panda Antivirus as the best antivirus for a Laptop that runs on Windows 10 is that the application is run on a behavioral detection analysis program. This feature detects the malicious conduct of the intrusive files or other legit applications that try to collect private data and send them illegally to the unauthorized network.  It immediately blocks such malicious actions assures safety. 

  • Parental Control:

Parental control is one of the important features that every AV Software is not equipped with. Panda's Parental control lets the parents to block illegitimate content of the internet, set the limit of internet usage and access to the internet history and activity of their child. 

  • USB Vaccine tool:

Free Panda Antivirus comes with these unique features that run a scanning operation when an external device like USB is connected to the main device and if it catches anything malicious it hinders the path before they contaminate the system. 

  • Internet Security:

The internet Security of Panda Antivirus Free includes-

HTTP monitor- Scans the HTTP address and filter out the malicious and fraud websites that do not have a secure protocol in their address.

Download manager: Stops Malicious downloading also scans the downloaded files before one runs them on the system.

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Anti-phishing: Keeps the bank data and personal identity safe and protected while one is shopping or making a transaction through the internet. 

  • Firewall Protection and Free VPN:

Panda Antivirus Free comes with a strong firewall that clears the network traffic to boost the browsing speed, stops the botnet attacks and keeps the wifi network protected. With the help of Free VPN, users can hide their online presence and bowse anonymously without letting the cyber intruder monitor your online activities. 

Panda Free Antivirus is indeed best for windows 10 as it comes with excellent protective features. The application is even designed for automatic updates. The program assures maximum safety and keeps the threats of the digital away. The advanced ransomware protection also makes Panda Free antivirus one of the best defensive software on the market. The protection also includes additional features like- email protection, safe vault, and cloud-computerization.

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