A Rising Trend for Students helping them in Academics: Online Assignment Help

Posted by jennythomas9000 on December 27th, 2019

Just about two decades ago, finishing a school/college assignment involved multiple trips to library, painstakingly scanning shelves to collect data and then sitting like a log for hours to curate and assemble the final draft. At the turn of the century, the IT boom greatly eased the process, but the fundamental process remained the same. Over the last few years, all this has changed.

The market is now filled with services like online assignment help, all assignment help where you can avail the help of an expert to either partially or fully complete your assignment at the cost of a few bucks. These services range from school homework and essays to graduate and post graduate level reports, dissertations and research papers. Some of them also offer related services like proofreading, quiz helps, case studies etc. Most of them operate through online portals where one needs to fill in the details and requirements of the assignment before being directed towards an expert. You can even choose a particular expert with whom you have had a good experience in the past.  These web portals are highly structured and organized with quality assurance and prompt assistance throughout the process. Almost all of them provide ‘plagiarism free’ and deadline assurance, while some even give a ‘money back’ guarantee against any fail.

With students all over the world having increased access to internet and Smartphone, businesses like ‘assignment help online’ and ‘my assignment help’ are growing in number and scale. The fact that most of them operate online and are not geographically bound is helping their cause. A university student in USA,UK, AU can logon to a website run from India to avail the services of Expert. Apart from helping students all over the world to secure top grades, these businesses are helping educated youth especially from developing and third-world countries to gain financial freedom from the comfort of their home.

But with all that said, the nature of this business poses an ethical question. Are the providers of these ‘online assignment help’ doing a disservice to the students and society at large by making them dependable on others for the work they ought to be doing themselves? Is this ‘ready-to-serve’ approach for their assignments robbing them of the chance to develop essential life skills like analytical reasoning, creativity, patience etc. There is also a case for unfair advantage to privileged students over others. Schools, parents and teachers all over the world are showing growing concern over effects of these practices on the academic credibility of the students in the long run. Many teachers claim that the practice is becoming commonplace among students and many of them don’t even bother to hide the fact that they have taken external help while turning in their assignments.


Only time will tell whether these Assignment Help Service Providers are a help or a threat to the present and future student group, but the sector is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years.

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