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Posted by kunal on December 27th, 2019

For the beginner who is unsure of WordPress or who does not have a domain of their own, WordPress also offers a ready made, customizable platform which may be used as a testing WordPress Support Services ground. The content from this WordPress Blog may then be imported into a new, independent Blog quickly and efficiently, as may content from other Blogging platforms.

Once the initial set-up, configuration and visual alterations to the WordPress software, the Template and Dashboard have been made - for which a new Blogger should allow several hours, which include feeling their way around and experimenting - the new Blogger is out there on their own. Content is of the utmost importance for those wishing to gain visitors and comments, as is the willingness to visit other Blogs and make comments there, but the actual content remains at the discretion of the Blogger themselves. WordPress provides an exceptional, easy to use and highly thought-of platform for Blogging with a support service, through various Forums, second to none but the actual work must be done by the Blogger themselves.

For those beginning from scratch it is advisable to consider their needs and desires, whether they wish to gain a foothold in one or another market, create a niche or simply Blog about their every lives. WordPress is ideal for all levels of Blogging, in a wide variety of supported languages, and the best start that the new Blogger can hope for in a Blogosphere filled almost to overflowing with all manner of Blogs and their derivatives. 

Things to Keep in Mind When Designing Your Website

1) Try to keep your website focused on your client and what you can do for them! Talking about yourself, or your company - "I did this. I do that." Isn't engaging and won't attract customers. What problem of theirs are you going to solve?

2) Keep It:


Prospect Focused


3) Make sure the overall look is clean and modern

4) Be certain that any media on the site ties into your business

5) Include a clear Call to Action - What do you want your customers to do from there? Click? Call? Sign Up?

6) Avoid too much text, especially on the home page.

Let Your Website Be Your Ambassador

Your site should be designed to attract customers and prospective customers. Keep it engaging. Create different types of content for it. Maintain a blog to keep folks up to date on your company, any promotions, etc.

Make sure you promote your site on social media to drive traffic to it. It doesn't matter how awesome your site is if nobody sees it.

Use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools, available on WordPress and through Plug Ins to boost your page's rankings. When people search your business, you want to be on the first page. Very few searches make it to the second page.

Offers visitors something in exchange for their email address and opting in to your mailing list. It will be a digital report, eBook, or white book. Make it something they will be interested to get.

Which Providers Exist

In terms of "software" support provision, there are several providers who've come onto the scene in the past few years...

Bask (.) com - NOT software centric - services provided to consumers + business. Recurring revenue model which actually works relatively well. Unfortunately, very little software support

GeekSquad - NOT software centric - attached to BestBuy, GeekSquad are renowned for a decent quality of service. Unfortunately, they are not very well versed when it comes to software based issues

PCFixes (.) com - software centric - new service launched in 2018 to provide software-centric support - provides users with the ability to get specific fixes/help for the likes of WordPress, Shopify, Photoshop, Office, Outlook and more

The present state of the industry is that it's growing rapidly, and that several of the above providers are in a very strong position to help a number of companies remain operational. 

Make sure that You have the latest PHP Version 

PHP 7.2 is the latest version of PHP. It was released a few years back, in November 2017. According to the WordPress requirements, your web host must support PHP 7.2 or higher, especially if you want to see your website function properly. Earlier, WordPress announced that websites must support at least PHP 7.0. 

The Verdict

If you are starting from point zero and need a quick infrastructure solution for claiming your online space then SquareSpace is the best choice for you. While you will enjoy the complete pampering and guided journey, you should be ready to sacrifice a good portion of freedom. You would need to walk a path that is already carved and you have a very little opportunity to carve your own path or even take another route to the destination.

While it is good for the websites with non-commercial objectives or limited scope, you should be cautious while using SquareSpace if you need to create an e-commerce site or complex corporate site with impressive characteristics and specific demands.

Though there is some learning involved while working with WordPress, it offers you much more flexibility and you are able to decide different aspects of your website. A better design power is the major benefit of WordPress CMS. When it comes to posting and publishing commands WordPress clearly fares much better than SquareSpace. It allows you a multitude of features and functionalities tools themes and add-ons to manage your site in the most efficient manner. 

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