Kimono what is perfect for you?

Posted by Lebiska on December 27th, 2019

We all experience that moment when we keep staring at the huge pile of clothes neatly kept in the wardrobe and you can’t take out a single dress that you want to wear that day. If you have ever gone through this then you know how annoying the task of finding the right dress for the right occasion can be. Don’t worry. Here is your helping hand.

Once in a while you may require an item that’s somewhat unique, a dress which has something special for that day when a classic abaya won’t work – that is where the kimono enters the picture.

A kimono is naturally vibrant, adaptable and stylish along with maintaining that elegant modest look. This makes a kimono abaya perfect for those days when you want to change your style without overdoing it. If you have never seen a kimono abaya UK or don’t know how to wear it, then it’s your lucky day. Below is a brief explanation of important things you need to know about a kimono abaya UK.

What is a kimono abaya?

Kimono is a traditional garment of Japan. It became popular during the 8th century in the far East – particularly in Japan and its popularity has never decreased since. The typical kimono was designed into numerous types to be worn in different environments and occasions like weddings, everyday duties, funerals and other religious ceremonies.

During the previous decade, the kimono has been accepted by international designers to offer elegance and modern-day style and Lebiska offers you a collection of kimono abayas which are inspired by a fusion of middle Eastern and Japanese cultures and fashion.

What color to choose?

As we are headed towards winter, you may get attracted towards dark colors like – grey, black, navy blue and brown. These colors are highly adaptive and versatile and thus are a great pick if you are thinking of preparing a primary set of kimono abayas for the winter season.

Are you a modern Islamic women who embraces and admires traditional culture and wants to add a touch of modern fashion to your style? For centuries the abaya has been an important part of Islamic culture and history. Lebiska aims to offer kimono abayas to Islamic women living in the United Kingdom who prefer to wear traditional dresses with a touch of modern style. Lebiska offers womens abayas UK for sale through an online platform. You can visit their website at -

Through rigorous and continuous research and keeping a keen eye on the rising trends, Lebiska puts together elements of minimalism and fashion appeal in a dress. Thus, this results in a dress which is modest as well as graceful. In addition they offer a broad range of simple daily outfits to stylish kimono abayas for special occasions. Visit the collection at Lebiska today, surely you will find a kimono abaya for sale that looks pleasing to your eye and sets you apart from everyone else.

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