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Posted by Clemens Ranzevieno on December 27th, 2019

For AKB48 fans, especially those who have idolized the idol group from Akihabara from the beginning to the middle of 2011, certainly no stranger to the beautiful perfect figure of a member of the 12th generation Kenkyuusei, who was gadang2 as a 12th generation ace, Eguchi Aimi.

Eguchi Aimi, the beautiful girl born in Saitama on February 11, 1995, really surprised AKB48 fans and 48 groups at the time, how could she not be surprised that Aimi was a member of the 12.5 generation kenkyuusei because she joined a special audition while Yasushi Akimoto from Shukan Bunshun was auditioning for her second sister group in Osaka i.e. NMB48.

Not long after that, Aimi in the Daulat became the center for the song Ice no Kuchizuke which is a coupling song for the single Flying Get in 2011 and appeared on a CM candy company, Ezaki Glico in Japan. And appeared on a magazine.

However, Aimi's presence was very suspicious because his face was very similar to his senior members and after that Yasushi Akimoto and Ezaki Glico Eguchi Aimi announced that Eguchi Aimi was a CGI human with eyes from Maeda Atsuko, Itano Tomomi's nose, Shinoda's mouth Mariko, Oshima Yuko's hair and body, Takahashi Minami's Face Shape, Watanabe Mayu's Eyebrows and if the concert is Eguchi Aimi will be replaced by Sasaki Yukari.

After that Eguchi Aimi was announced to have graduated from AKB48 and his profile was deleted from the public on May 8, 2013. 

After yesterday had discussed the original generation of aces in AKB48, now we fly to Nagoya precisely in Sakae, the first idol group as well as the first sister group formed by AKB48, namely SKE48 on October 5, 2008 ago.

SKE48 is known for its promising members, but do you know who the ace generation is at SKE48, at least you only know Matsui Jurina right? Well so that you guys are not curious let's see the following explanation

Ace Generation 1

Generation 1 announced on July 30, 2008 became a promising generation because there are two eternal aces namely Matsui Jurina and Matsui Rena and even both of them are referred to as WMatsui, but do you know who the real ace figure is from generation 1? Jurina? or Rena? and the answer is

Matsui Jurina

Yes, this evil-looking girl is SKE48's first ace, behind her evil face it turns out that jurina has an old face before her time: v (joking really). Yes this girl is very surprising as to how she didn't debut when she was 11 years old but with a portion of the body that did not show her little girl at that time. Jurina is known through the AKBINGO! some time after SKE48 was formed with Oya Masana and until now Jurina's popularity is getting better and becoming one of the most shining idols of her career.

Jurina even defeated the eternal ace of AKB48, Maeda Atsuko, in the center position, 26 times as the center, while Maeda Atsuko was only 22 times. Jurina has performed 16 times as a solo center and 10 times as a double center in both SKE48 and AKB48. Now Jurina is 22 years old and Jurina is SKE48's ace and eternal center.

Ace Generation 2

formed a few months later Team KII was formed immediately.

Ace Generation 3

Debuting on November 1, 2009 shortly after the second generation debuted, this generation only received 13 members and popular members of this generation were Suda Akari, Matsumura Kaori, Hata Sawako, Yakata Miki etc. But of the several members that have been mentioned they are not the original generation 3 aces, then who is the original ace ??

Kizaki Yuria

Yes, the cousin of the SKE48 member, Asai Yuka, is a 3rd generation original ace. This is known as a baka member (stupid) in the lesson and has a characteristic that is difficult in multiplication 7 turns out to be a 3rd generation original ace. Kizaki joined SKE48 from 2009 to 2014 after he was transferred to AKB48 and became the deputy captain of AKB48 Team 4 and the following year he became captain of Team B. 

Generation 4 was formed with 16 members on September 30, 2010, it does have a variety of talents and the original ace of this generation also said that his career was quite good although at the end of his term as a member he was rather lacking in career, who else if not

Kimoto Kanon

Yes this girl is the 4th generation ace as well as the ace for Team E when it was formed first. This girl who is often called non is indeed a consistent original ace because she is also a regular or a SKE48 single senbatsu subscription.

In 2014, Non announced kennin to his sister group in Fukuoka, HKT48 and entered the KIV Team and became senbatsu for 2 times as a HKT48 member, non had also been a senbatsu media for AKB48's single titled Manatsu no Sound Good and 3 times became senbatsu single AKB48. His early career in the song AKB48 was very good, it was because for the first time after he joined SKE48 and joined the AKB48 coupling single he was in the midst of being a center with Yokoyama Yui for a song called Guuzen no Juujiro.

Ace Generation 5

The generation that only had 2 graduate members at the time of kenkyuusei status and the rest of the graduates when they were already on this team was formed on October 16, 2011. The original ace of this generation is considered to be a very young age on the SKE48, it is very young

Suga Nanako

Obviously for Nannan members (Call for Nanako) this is the 5th generation SKE48 original ace, many don't know that he is the original ace and only assume that Furuhata Nao is the original show.

Nanako is a robot-loving girl, she and her father loved the robot world even in the promotional video SSK single 32 in 2013 and then she used a robot. Nannan as the 5th generation original ace only tasted 4 times as a SKE48 single senbatsu. Nannan graduated on December 22, 2013 and only caused the transfer of the 5th generation ace title to Furuhata Nao, who became a regular senbatsu.

Ace Generation 6

March 2013 formed 6th generation and in this generation the original ace was very short becoming a member of SKE48, he is

Kitahara Yuna

Yaps this girl is a generation 6 original ace who has a very short time, she joined in March 2013 as SKE48 Kenkyuusei 6th Generation and graduated on 22 November 2013 ago. Yuuyu (his nickname) only participated in 3 songs (2 SKE48 coupling songs & 1 AKB48 single coupling song). Yuyu is the only member who changed her profile / kabesha photo during her 6 month period at SKE48 in 2013.

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