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Posted by Marvel Warriors on December 28th, 2019

FUSIONS, FUSIONS, FUSIONS!! It’s raining fusions in marvels. There are so many YouTube channels that have numerous videos of marvel character fusions and they are very entertaining. Imagine the combination of the most sarcastic one with the wise one, although none of the characters are wise but one of them is “worthy” if we are talking about being worthy then Captain America also proved its worth in the Endgame when he lead the army of avengers to defeat Thanos and save everyone from the snap. We all know what happened after that and it felt really great watching Thanos turn into dust. We lost one of our avenger who was no actually loved by all but was very dear to Pepper Potts. So without any further a do, let’s dig in the fusions of the core team of marvel avengers.


Hulk aka Bruce Banner being the strongest and largest avenger (If we look beyond the Pym Particles) wore the suit of Iron Man in the Endgame as Hulk was not ready to come out and DESTROY as he does. This was because Thanos had snapped shut Hulk with his powers and this was Hulk got kind of scared. Seeing this, Iron Man aka Tony Stark made a special, large suit for Banner so that he can wear it and fight with the army of Thanos. The special suit consisted of all the powers that Iron Man would use and this is how the fusion was created. It is clear that Iron Man had no special powers unlike Hulk but he had brains which he used and created an armor suit for himself because of which he is called a superhero.


If you have seen Thor: Ragnarok then you should know that there is a famous dialogue of Thor which goes like “He’s a friend from work”. He says this when he lands in a fighting ring and is standing against Hulk to fight. The combination of Thor and Hulk is seen in many issues of the comics. Thor is known as the God of thunder and hulk is called the strongest avenger. So when God and the strongest avenger are combined then the most extra-ordinary combination is seen. Hulk X Thor will be able to possess the Hammer and the qualities of the God of thunder as well. We can say this combination as a deadly combination.


Spiderman sways like a slingshot whereas Hulk smashes. The fusion of these two ultimate characters would be great. Hulk was born after Bruce Banner got heavily exposed to Gamma Rays whereas Spiderman was born when a rare species of spider bit Peter parker on the field trip of college. In short, both were born in an accident. The fusion of these two characters would be a great site as the exposure to gamma rays and spider bite would create something which is enormous. Hulk X Spiderman would be able to swing on the buildings and not break anything and his spidey senses will work in the best way.

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