WOW classic players are not happy with the status quo

Posted by Ambroise Pierre on December 28th, 2019

With the release of the classic World of Warcraft, many players want to experience the same feeling as when the original game was released.

Unfortunately, this is not the case, because all the information is known, the sociality of the game is almost gone, and now everyone wants to minimize everything in the game.

In the World of Warcraft servers, the number of each faction is not stable. Some players will look for other players to challenge in order to win honor points and Classic WOW Gold to find the weekly glory kill . As a result, many players started to quit because they were unable to play the game, while others left because the victim was unable to perform any activities.

The retail version of World of Warcraft players has changed. People no longer play games like they did in 2003. Improved methods, more precise game levels, and above all efficiency. The entire honor system and PvP system of World of Warcraft in 2003 was not suitable for modern game settings, because it now looks outdated and inefficient.

In Vanilla, the social sandbox is the game itself. So players often chat without doing anything, do some random activities with guild members, and duel in front of the capital. But this is the world in 2004. The online chat and task system at that time was not yet fully developed.

Now this is unacceptable to some players; they always need some precious weapons or WOW Classic Gold. This gives us a sense of how the retail version of World of Warcraft has transformed into what it is today. Blizzard realized that players needed to do something, so they turned their retail games into amusement park-like rides.

Most of the current classic players are those who are tired of retailing and want to experience something new, but one faction or other faction deliberately attacked in order to achieve a large weekly honor killing. They are slowly killing the classic World of Warcraft Player.

With the recent free transfer from faction-controlled servers, some servers have become barren. From the perspective of PVP, other factions have no target to chase. If Blizzard does not take action and adjusts its current honor system, then classic World of Warcraft users will start leaving the game.

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