Visa for Lesotho

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Visa for Lesotho

Being among the most underrated countries in Africa, Lesotho has been a hidden gem. However, with the help of a visa for Lesotho, you can now enter this nation and explore everything it has to offer. Surrounded by South Africa, Lesotho is a tiny nation full of wonders. With astonishing natural beauty, vibrant culture and heritage, and a strong trade and business culture, this nation suits all your needs. 

Be it for tourism, business, family visit, or whatever your reason for the visit is, you will need a Lesotho e visa to enter the country. The time you are allowed to stay in the country and the validity of your Lesotho visa will be determined by the exact type of the permit. 

Types of Lesotho visa

As per the reason for your visit, the Lesotho e visa is mainly classified into the 3 following types - 

  • Tourist - This visa for Lesotho is issued to individuals who are entering the country to take part in tourist activities or meet their friends/family living there. 

  • Business - This category permit is issued for people who are entering the country to take part in business activities such as meetings, conferences, etc. in Lesotho.

  • Student -  This is granted for individuals who are traveling in order to take part in study courses in Lesotho.

How to get a visa for Lesotho?

Lucky for you, the Lesotho government has made the visa application quite easy and straightforward. Thanks to it being an e visa, the application can be down fast as well. The following steps will explain the process of applying for the visa.  

  1. Visit the Lesotho e visa portal of the Kingdom of Lesotho.    

  2. Click on the ‘apply now’ button and proceed to your application page. 

  3. Proceed to fill in all the required details on the application form. 

  4. Upload the relevant documents as per the visa category.

  5. Pay the fees online. 

  6. Submit the application. 

Though the application is done online, there are still several eligibilities and other requirements to be met. As a result, to avoid any chances of visa rejection, it is suggested that you use the services of a visa agency to make the application. 

Points to remember

The following are a few tips that will help you with your application for a visa for Lesotho.


  • Before making the application, ensure that you are eligible for the particular type.

  • The application form should be filled out very carefully.

  • The information in the application form must be true and correct.

  • Do not provide false information or fake documents.

  • Consider using the help of professional visa services to reduce the chances of visa rejection.

  • Follow the guidelines when you have your Lesotho e visa to ensure entry into the country.

  • If you have cancelled your application or if your visa is rejected, the visa fee is not refundable.

Though the above-mentioned steps and tips will help you with the application process, there are a lot more to it. As a result, do check out a thorough Lesotho visa guide to make your application. 

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