Pain at the Ball of the Foot - A Guide to Causes and Treatment Options

Posted by Jessymeshak on December 28th, 2019

Another common culprit is the  Joint Complex 4000 Review shape of the toe box. A pointed toe box squishes those little piggies causing bunion pain, ingrown toenails or even hammertoes. Friction blister or thick callouses may start to form in response to the rubbing or those toes in the cramped toe box. A round or square toe box allows more natural movement for the toes is generally less likely to cause trouble.

Heel pain is also often related to fashionable shoes. Believe it or not, both high heels and really low heels can cause this problem. Ballet style shoes and flimsy sandals have no support and almost no heel. This can lead to excess tension on a big ligament on the bottom of the foot called the plantar fascia.

The area where the ligament attaches to the heel bone will start to pull with every step and become irritated from walking in these shoes. This leads to a common form of heel pain called plantar facscitis. It's the most common cause of morning heel pain in women.

Interestingly if you wear three or four inch heels every day, you can end up with the same problem. The Achilles tendon will gradually contract and tighten up if you always wear high heels. Podiatrists call this condition equinus deformity. Once you have a tight Achilles tendon, you will get more tension on the plantar fascia that can cause pain in the bottom of the heel.

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