Best Pole Saws- Buying Guide & Reviews

Posted by john kabir on December 29th, 2019

The teeth of the master saw blade can be of different sizes: Best Pole Saw 

teeth wider than 3 cm wide: used for cutting down trees,

small teeth less than 3 cm: intended for cutting logs and logs.

These teeth are spaced to facilitate the removal of sawdust.

Isosceles or American teeth

The teeth of the master saw can also take different forms:

isosceles toothing  or triangular toothing:

the most common form of the serration,

most convenient configuration for sharpening the blade.

American teeth  :

the teeth allow a faster evacuation of sawdust,

however, they are more difficult to sharpen.

A real resistant tool specially designed for professionals. The Hayate is heavier in construction than the Hayauchi, to make it even more robust. And yes, the Hayate weighs a little more, but it is still as maneuverable. The single-toothed blade Silky Mirai-Me is designed in a special steel alloy, to give it a long service life and an extreme resistance.

With the Hayate, you get to difficult places where you cannot go there with a ladder. By standing firmly on the ground, you fire a few shots at the blade through thick branches. The Hayate's cutting speed can be compared to that of a chainsaw. The blade is so powerful that you will feel like you are doing an exercise. Let the weight of the saw do the work.

Thanks to its oval shape the aluminum pole gives precise control of the blade, which is important for very high pruning. In addition, the oval provides strength and rigidity over the entire length of the pole saw and reduces bending to a minimum.

The two knives on the blade help to obtain optimal pruning. The upper knife keeps the blade in the notch. The lower knife is also used to cut twigs and dead branches on the trunk. With the lower knife, you cut the bark to prevent the branch from tearing when falling. The lower sickle is removable, which allows the branches to be sharply trimmed.



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