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Posted by Alzbeta berka on December 29th, 2019

Uber is a ride-hailing company that enables the passengers to book a sedan or a shared ride using an application on internet-enabled cell-phones. The cab usually arrives within 15 minutes. Hence, there is no uncertainty about the availability of a cab if it is booked through this agency and the popularity of this ride-sharing agency has increased due to this reason. It is also possible to pay in various modes when riding an Uber-cab which is another reason behind the popularity of this ride-hailing company.

This company is equally beneficial for the drivers. You have the opportunity to work at the hours of your choice and preference if you work with this ride-hailing company. You may offer shared rides to multiple passengers at a time or may offer personal rides to single passenger when riding a cab for this company. It is also easier to get passengers when driving an Uber-cab, as there are almost 3.5 million Uber-users in London. Hence, there are many benefits for the drivers associated with this ride hailing company, but it is essential to have a license from the Public Carriage Office in order to drive Uber-cabs in this city.

Minimum Requirements

There are a few requirements that need to be fulfilled if you want to drive an Uber-cab.

1) It is essential for every applicant to have a valid UK license in order to become eligible for the Uber PCO license. You may even apply for it with an EU driving license. However, you need to convert it into the UK-license in order to have the PCO-license.

2) It is equally essential for the holders of this license to be at least 21 years old.

3) You also need to have a few years of driving experience in order to hold the PCO-license.

The applicants also need to submit a few documents in order to have the PCO-license, such as electronic counterpart code from Uber website, private hire paper licence and insurance certificate, logbook, MOT (issued within the past 6 months) and a few other documents.

It is equally essential for the applicants of the PCO-license to pass the following tests or assessments.

4) The DBS check is performed to ensure that the applicant has not participated in any type of criminal activities in the past. This assessment may cost you around £60.

5) A complete physical examination is performed to ensure that you are fit according to the DVLA Group-2 Standards. During this physical examination, a participant is evaluated for serious health conditions as well as to assess the reaction times and hearing conditions. A complete assessment of the fitness and health may cost you around £80.

6) It is also essential to qualify the topographical skills assessment in order to make sure that you can use the A-Z Guide to locate various places and have the ability to plan routes. You may even contact the Uber Ignition Centre for this particular assessment.

7) It is equally essential for you to pass an English language test in order to become a licensed driver of this ride-hailing company.

The aforementioned points may give you an overview on how to get Uber license in London if you are interested in driving a cab for this ride-hailing company. This license gives you the opportunity to have an additional/primary source of income whilst letting you work at the convenient hours.

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