Never Use These Strains Before Bedtime

Posted by San Jose Medical Marijuana Card on December 30th, 2019

Medical cannabis has a wide array of health benefits. Most people use it to relax and calm their nerves to get a good night’s sleep. But, imagine your mind running like 100 miles per minute when all you wish for is a good night’s sleep. Not good at all. This usually happens when you choose a wrong strain before your bedtime. Look for the list of some of the worst cannabis strains that should always avoid after you get a medical marijuana card online. 

Worst Strains That You Should Avoid Before Bedtime

It should not be a surprise that most of the strains that can cause sleeping issues usually belong to Sativa. They are amazing day time strains but usually suck during night time. Here are some examples that you should avoid before going to bed. 

Durban Poison

It is a pure Sativa strain that is full of energy and mood uplifting properties. This strain will keep you clear-headed and help you motivate for a morning workout. But, if you use this strain before bedtime, the only thing that can save you will be a good Netflix series. 


It is a classic strain with strong Sativa properties. Thereby making it one of the best strains for daytime use. If you are looking for a cerebral high, this strain will work wonders for you. However, if you are thinking of a power nap, it could be a disaster strain for you to have when you get a medical marijuana card online.

Sour Diesel

This strain works as a fuel to provide long-lasting and high energy effects. They are one of the most popular choices if you are looking to get away from fatigue. It has more than 20% THC content that makes it the worst choice to use before sleep time.

Green Crack

This strain can keep you up for hours with its THC content. It is one of the best strains if you are looking to focus on your work. Or are looking to go for any physical activity. But, make sure to avoid when trying to take a nap at night time. 

Why Should You Avoid Such Strains?

Sleep is very important for a healthy lifestyle. It is the best thing to recover your body from any type of stress. Experts recommend at least 7-8 hours of minimum sleep to feel fresh the next morning. If you start using such strains, your lack of sleep will start creating problems by leaving you tired and vulnerable to make mistakes. Also, sleep helps to maintain an optimal hormonal level as well. So, if you don’t sleep well, you might feel hungry the next day that could result in weight gain. 

Cannabis Strains to Induce a Good Sleep 

We already mentioned that Sativas might create havoc in your sleep cycle. However, if you choose Indica strains, they will induce relaxing effects. So, make sure to choose such strains whenever you get a medical marijuana card online. Just a puff and that would help to provide you with a night of deep, relaxing sleep.

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