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Posted by Juggling Flyper on December 30th, 2019

How good is your concentration power? How well are you able to maintain the power of your mind when it comes to balancing stuff in the air and getting it done in the right way? This is probably a question that very few of us never stop to think about. We rarely take time to figure out how it feels to have things done in the right way.

When we see people in the juggling dapo, we enjoy what they are doing and we are always tempted to think that what they are doing is such an easy game. Furthermore, all you need to do is to throw the spinning cloth and make sure they hold it before it reaches the floor. The game seems to be both easy and fun until when you are challenged of getting into it.

If you are an expert in flyper star, makes you feel so proud of yourself. This helps you not only grow your muscles but also deals with your mind. It gives you both great concentration ability as well as sharpening your brain as you must be very quick in making the right decision to be star in juggling dapo.

How to do it right

Giving you tips on how to become an expert in the juggling dapo sport might prove to be a very challenging thing, this is because, and this game is more of a mind game than it is a manual activity. Although one uses his/her hands in playing the game, much of the coordination is done from your brain. If you are able to think very fast and coordinate the juggling of the dapo cloth, then you’ll be good to go.


However, there are a few tips that would go a long way in making you an expert in the game. These include;

  • Design your flyper

If you are a flyper star and wants to fly it your own way, design your own flyper. Getting a flyper of your choice ensures you get balanced weight for perfect performance.

  • Get the right skills

Take time to learn the right skills in the game. If you want to achieve the best in the juggling dapo, you must be ready to learn from the experts. If it calls for paying for the services, it would be worth the price as it will take a little sacrifice and some commitment and you will be able to walk with your shoulders high.

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John is lover of Flyper game and also a expert in this game. Flyper is special star made out of cloth that’ll a fun filled game that can be played by people of all age group. A game that started from a passion of a hyperactive child who would use just anything to play, has now become a great sport worldwide.

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