11 Ways to Use Your BBQ this winter

Posted by Sarah Jones on December 30th, 2019

Cooking in Barbeque is one of the world's oldest methods. From the traditional Barbeque, which originated in the Caribbean to the great chicken tandoor, it has come a long way. On a breezy night, the food prepared in Barbeque is the best thing that you can enjoy. Keep into consideration the below dishes when you plan for your next barbeque party. The BBQ Restaurants in Louisville KY are known to provide you Barbeque services when you organize a party. 

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1. Hoisin Barbecue Sauce with Grilled Salmon Steak

This dish is quite simple, and if you are running out of time, then you should consider this dish. Here, the steamed baby bok chop, as well as hot brown rice along with salmon on the other side, the only things that you will require to prepare this dish. The tangy-sweet hoisin sauce turns into a mild salmon were making the dish. This food is preferred by most of them during the winter. People like to have this food in the evening. 

2. Pineapples and Chicken Skewers

This dish is one of the best foods to serve the people as a starter. The food will surely brighten up your barbeque party. Because of the sweet as well as the savory flavor of the dish, people love to have the meal. Make sure that you are thinking of keeping this dish at your party, and you should keep it in a larger quantity as whoever sees it, they are going to have it. To prepare this dish, you need to have smaller pieces of chicken and pineapple and apply the barbeque sauce about it and then put it in the skewers and keep in the Barbecue so that it gets cooked properly. 

3. Tomato Skewers and Asparagus with Honey Mustard Horseradish Sauce

Skewered cherry tomatoes along with fresh spring Asparagus on the grills are one among the best side dishes for the Barbeque. Before serving, spread honey mustard horseradish above it, which will make it more delicious.

4. The Best Beef Burger

If you are looking for a dish that is flavorful, juicy as well as super-satisfying, then you should go for the best beef burger. For seasoning, add onion, Dijon, and Worcestershire sauce to make the dish the perfect one. 

5. Barbeque Chicken burgers with Slaw

With the rich flavors of Barbeque, the mild chicken gets a new makeover. Crisp, as well as a bright texture, adds moisture, taste, and a whole lot of tang in the dish. You will, not at all, miss beef when you will have this dish. You can also go for Sandwich Platter or Sandwich basket along with spicy fries. You can also include wild salmon burgers for your guests.

6. Mushroom Paneer Burger

People who love to have paneer, for this barbeque dish is the best one. For this, mix a plethora of spices and chickpea flour. This vegan fare will have even the meat-eaters wanting to eat for more. 

7. Cucumbers Skewers and Tofu Peanut Satay

Cucumber and mint ribbons give the savory tahini and ginger, as well as peanut marinated tofu skewers, a refreshing balance. It would be best if you served this with coconut sauté sauce. 

8. Paneer Afghani

The tender paneer pieces are grilled golden on a tandoor with all the spices in this delicious recipe. This dish will be best when you pair this with chutney of your choice and serve your guests as a starter. 

9. Cheese Skewers with Mix Vegetables

You can surprise your guests by serving them vegetables and spices. Zucchini, bell paper, onions, and paneer are marinated with different spices and then grilled by putting them in the skewers. Then you can serve it with the hunk curd. 

Points to be Considered While Arranging for a Barbeque Party

10. Weather

You need to consider this point as it is one of the most important. Make sure you have space in the indoor if in case it starts raining, then you can continue with the party. If you do not keep provision for all these things, then you might end up spoiling your party.

11. Venue

If it's a sunny day, then it's great. You will also have a lot of options while selecting the place to prepare the mouth-watering dishes. If you are organizing the party in the open, then make sure that the venue is easy to get for the guests. Make sure you have a suitable environment for the guests. 

Decoration As Well As the Theme

If you are organizing a beer festival or a large party, then you always have an option to jazz it up. Some of the best themes are fiesta, beach theme, garden tea party, etc. 

Along with the best food, try to make the place beautiful, then the guests will also enjoy the party.

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